Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!


Another danbooru has arrived…!

The content: Nenpuchi Bake Monogatari So no Ni and Judgment armband!

Been meaning to get the armband ever since its announcement last year, but was put off several times… Eventually I caved when Amiami had it restocked… ^^;

Promoting Horo Plushie into the Den’s first official member of newly formed disciplinary board…

Judgment desu no! XDc

Daughters taking good care of the new symbol…

Meido Lacus is still hhhnnnggghhh in her outfit…

Perfectly suitable for Nendo napping material…

Maa~ maa~ Azunyan is dazed… 0_0

Will be joining a fellow Judgment patrolling the Bon Odori event which will be held tonite on my island… XD

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