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Use the Mic, Luk(a)!

And a Dreamy Theatre comes true for the love of tako! XDc

Vocaloids enjoyed fan attention ever since their debut, especially the ever popular Hatsune Miku, of which she is my first Figma that started my craze for articulated action figures in the first place… ^^;

Coming soon this October is the long awaited
Vocaloid No: 03, the feisty Megurine Luka!

Incidentally she’s my fave
amongst all the Vocaloids besides Miku and Megu of course… Zettai Ryouiki!!! Hnnnnggghhh!!!

She comes with a couple of interchangeable face plates: Normal and Singing…

Some chara specific accessories are included as well (Tho not as much as some of the latest Figmas announced), like
this classic rock mic called Original Mic… 0_0
Rock on, Luka-chan! <3

Of course her iconic Maguro is included! XDc Such huge fish she has there… Maguro daki anyone? ^^;

Double up as a blunt weapon it seems… =_= On side note, it appears her skirt is made from hard PVC… >,<

Preorders for her will start tomorrow on various trusted online stores at 2,800 yen… Will make sure I get mine… :3c

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