Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!


After weeks of staying flat as a hanging tapestry, Horo daki finally got herself a fully stuffed body… XDc

Got myself a couple of alternatives from a sale at my local mall since I could not acquire an adequate third party daki body from anywhere else on my island… Getting an official daki body will cost me a lot of yen due to its size… >,<

These normal sized pillows dimensioned at 48cm x 73 cm, of which a couple of it will probably fit into the Horo daki, which is 50cm x 160cm… Furthermore, each of them only priced at RM10 (Roughly 275 yen), significantly cheaper than the real deal! 0_0


Stuffing the pillows into Horo’s hole-I-mean-opening… >,<

Looks perfect! Wait…


I’ve miscalculated! Looks like there’s still some opening left at the end of the daki…

Luckily the mall is just nearby so I went back for another serving… XDc Okawari!


And Horo daki in her full form!

Simply gorgeous and glompable!


Unfortunately, this event upsets the balance of power on my bed…

Plushie-chan is not amused… 0_o

4 responses

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  2. Scott

    OmO Where did you get that gorgeous plushie? She’s adorable!

    28th January, 2013 at 08:20

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