Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

Chibi Bug Terminator-chan

Announced earlier this year in magazines and in the form of pamphlets included in Hoi Hoi-san series Plamo kits, Hoi Hoi-san Mini with Hoi Hoi Carry is now confirmed to be released end of this year on the 11th moon at the price of 3,500 yen

This disgustingly adorable little Hoi Hoi-san imouto comes with a carrier cart strangely named Hoi Hoi Carry and a modest amount of accessories including additional weapons for the elder Hoi Hoi san! :3c

Of course the elder Hoi Hoi-san is sold separately… XDc

Similar to Hoi Hoi-san, imouto-chan will feature the same poker face and inter changeable face plates showing her iris at different angles…

Unfortunately, she’s going to be a special release available only to Japanese market limited to Dengekiya and Kotobukiya’s direct stores at Akihabara (Radio Hall), Tachikawa and Nihonbashi (Osaka)… Hopefully Otacute will be able to bring this cutie over to the international market or else we’ll have to resort for proxy service… ^^;

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