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These past few days, a certain uproar has been unleashed amongst comrades around the world… There’s going to a second season of the much beloved anime series, To Aru Majutsu no Index! :Dc

Post title explanation: とある電子遊戯(ゲーム)の御坂美琴(ビリビリ); To Aru Denshi Yuugi (Geemu) no Misaka Mikoto (Biribiri); A certain video game’s Misaka Mikoto… :P

This is not the only news tho, as there’s also going to be a PSP game based upon the anime itself as well!

While nothing much has been revealed yet, from the likes of the screenies we can deduce that this game will be an action versus game similar to classic VS games ala Street Fighter…

Looks like you can co-op with another player for a two-on-one battle (Obi-Wan & Qui-Gon x Darth Maul anyone? ^_~) as well! 0_o

The 3D charas will be cell-shaded to make the game looks like an Anime… :)

A Figma Misaka Mikoto will also be included with the first release of the PSP game! An Index/Railgun fan’s dream comes true! I can’t believe my eyes and ears when the news leaked a few days before on the net and hobby magazines…!

Nicknamed as Biribiri by Touma in the anime due to the sound her electrical discharge makes whenever she unleashes her power, Biribiri is also a Malay word for sheep… :P

I’ve been counting Biribiri almost every night… XD

Tagged as an exclusive (Like Saber Lily or Kagura Aya Morning Coffee Ver. before her…), she comes with several accessories including her beloved Gekota cellphone and an electric discharge effect part… XD

Of course she’ll wear her signature shorts instead of a pantsu… :P

However, the announcement is made only after the showcase of this excellent modding by a fellow talented comrade just two weeks ago (Of which the project started moons ago…)…

Coincidence or competition? Mmm… ~_~

Unfortunately, there are no optional parts for Misaka Imouto… >,< I would love those night vision goggles and guns on her… ^_^

This PSP game will be released this winter (Probably end of year or early 2011…) at 8,980 yen… Already had mine POed at Amiami which costs only 7,780 yen due to their usual discount… :3c


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