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Whistling Around the World…

Guess what fell into the greasy paws of Horo plushie? XDc

Arrived at my den last nite, the danbooru that’s supposed to take two weeks or more to reach me (Since I used SAL instead of my usual EMS choice…) got to me in just 11 days!!!

It appears it managed to evade from the capture by my island’s notorious Custom Terrorists… XDc

Horo Daki toujou!!! ^o^

True to a fellow Horo lover’s words, the Daki is carefully packed not to reveal its NSFW side, which contributes to her evasion from the Custom Terrorists… ^^;

Spreading Horo across my bed, Horo Plushie looks on…

The other (Dere) side of the lovely Horo, totally NSFW… XD

Had her made into a tapestry for now due to the lack of an actual daki body… ^^;

Plans to get a couple of cheaper pillows for customisation as an alternative…

This impulse acquisition left my wallet a burning ash… Especially with my Ranka Obitsu daughter coming over in this end of  month… >,<


6 responses

  1. Abdul Hakim

    Huu! I also want! XD

    9th June, 2010 at 03:09

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