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Use the Mic, Luk(a)!

And a Dreamy Theatre comes true for the love of tako! XDc

Vocaloids enjoyed fan attention ever since their debut, especially the ever popular Hatsune Miku, of which she is my first Figma that started my craze for articulated action figures in the first place… ^^;

Coming soon this October is the long awaited
Vocaloid No: 03, the feisty Megurine Luka!

Incidentally she’s my fave
amongst all the Vocaloids besides Miku and Megu of course… Zettai Ryouiki!!! Hnnnnggghhh!!!

She comes with a couple of interchangeable face plates: Normal and Singing…

Some chara specific accessories are included as well (Tho not as much as some of the latest Figmas announced), like
this classic rock mic called Original Mic… 0_0
Rock on, Luka-chan! <3

Of course her iconic Maguro is included! XDc Such huge fish she has there… Maguro daki anyone? ^^;

Double up as a blunt weapon it seems… =_= On side note, it appears her skirt is made from hard PVC… >,<

Preorders for her will start tomorrow on various trusted online stores at 2,800 yen… Will make sure I get mine… :3c


After weeks of staying flat as a hanging tapestry, Horo daki finally got herself a fully stuffed body… XDc

Got myself a couple of alternatives from a sale at my local mall since I could not acquire an adequate third party daki body from anywhere else on my island… Getting an official daki body will cost me a lot of yen due to its size… >,<

These normal sized pillows dimensioned at 48cm x 73 cm, of which a couple of it will probably fit into the Horo daki, which is 50cm x 160cm… Furthermore, each of them only priced at RM10 (Roughly 275 yen), significantly cheaper than the real deal! 0_0

Chibi Bug Terminator-chan

Announced earlier this year in magazines and in the form of pamphlets included in Hoi Hoi-san series Plamo kits, Hoi Hoi-san Mini with Hoi Hoi Carry is now confirmed to be released end of this year on the 11th moon at the price of 3,500 yen

This disgustingly adorable little Hoi Hoi-san imouto comes with a carrier cart strangely named Hoi Hoi Carry and a modest amount of accessories including additional weapons for the elder Hoi Hoi san! :3c

Of course the elder Hoi Hoi-san is sold separately… XDc

Similar to Hoi Hoi-san, imouto-chan will feature the same poker face and inter changeable face plates showing her iris at different angles…

Unfortunately, she’s going to be a special release available only to Japanese market limited to Dengekiya and Kotobukiya’s direct stores at Akihabara (Radio Hall), Tachikawa and Nihonbashi (Osaka)… Hopefully Otacute will be able to bring this cutie over to the international market or else we’ll have to resort for proxy service… ^^;


The journey of Se.Kirara
Figma series continues with neko-loving ojousama in her school uniform… ^_^

Third Figma in line after the Pinkku Apuron Musume, Kagura
now wears her school uniform and just like Yuu before her, complete with lotsa accessories… :3c

Being a neko person, Aya is surrounded by a total of one, two, three, four, FIVE pussies!!! ^^; Her stay-over dental set is included as well as her
personal mug… 0_0

A couple of face plates are available: beaming smile face and embarassed face…

Being an ojou, of course Aya is proficient at a certain musical instrument (In this case, her beloved violin), a staple for any anime/manga chara… ^_~

Unlike K-On! girls’ rubbery guitar case, Aya’s violin comes with a nicely sculpted case of its own…

Aya’s already available for PO now… :3c

She’ll be made available in this coming September, retailing at 3,048 yen… :D

I’m a Movie Freak!

“Are you sure you’re yunamon? I mean ‘her’ blog is very much in pink and all…?” That’s the 1st thing comrade WiseFreeman and comrade ZamsJournal aka Gixxer said when I approached them two days ago… ^^;

That was WiseFreeman’s idea of pulling a prank on me, tho I’m not surprised as I’ve been into this kinda situation before at AFA09… XDc

Anyways, I did managed to meet up with them briefly after Saturday’s working hours and the following meeting with colleagues…

The clone trooper was stationed here on my island for a certain cosplaying event…

Had to leave very soon after that as I have a date with my friends for the A-Team movie… :3c

Managed to finally pay the ransom money of a total of 220 gazillion zenies to WiseFreeman in order to rescue a couple of lenses-in-distress from him… Got a couple of hoods as omake as well… XDc

Trying my hands on the new upgrades for Chibi Lacus later the same nite after the movie… ^_^ Works great especially the macro filter… Will be very useful for my figures photoshooting… :D

Instant application to my latest 4koma… ^_~

The next day, I returned to the event site for a full interaction with Danny’s clone and his Spartan bodyguard, alongside with many different kinds of individuals from across the timeline… :3c

Tagging along is comrade Evangel, a fellow islander! He’s going spec ops with his NERF… XDc

Target acquired!!! Assassinating Danny’s clone!

Tho outta his armour, this clone trooper still pack a punch with his all purpose blaster cannon… 0_0

There’s quite a lotta work involved armouring up a Spartan… 0_0

Comrade Gixxer-san prepping his full battle suit…

The heart and soul – the helm of a Spartan…

I can (not) put on the helm on me… ^^; Too unfit for duty… :3c

There are quite a few display cases scattering around the event area, containing various movie related figures…

Very nice sculpt of a Na’vi from Avatar!

There a few Star Wars related figures as well…

Go figures… ^^;

And of course the ever famous Iron-Man merchandises on display…

Gonna get my hands on a 1/6 Hot Toys Iron-Man Mark VI, if there’s going to be one… From the recent announcement of a Mk V Prototype tho, it is a high probability that VI is coming out soon… :Dc

Target in sight!

Suddenly Spec Ops Evangel engaged in a fierce gun battle with the Spartan Gixxer!

“I has bigger gunz than yours, Spartan!” ^^;

Face off in progress…

Staring… Staring…

The Spartan eventually gave up and had me escorted him around to look for the Master Chief…

Too bad Halo lore are scarce on this island… No one has any MC figures at all except an older model… ^^;

Moving into the ultimate event – the cosplay competition!

There were quite some number of participants for this event, most of them imported from the mainland by the clone himself… ^^;

War Machine turned up to crash the party…

He’s not one of the contestants tho…

Arrr the capitan of ze Black Pearl… Has gotta be the fan favourite out there judging by the response of the masses…

He’s comedic drunken state brings out the laughter from anyone who saw his on stage sessions…

Jack Sparrow is quite the trouble maker tho…

Always barges into other contestants’ on stage session… XDc

There are several Harry Potter charas as well…

And an original chara… What she’s supposed to be?

BTW she’s an acquaintance of comrade Evangel…

Hellboy fresh from hell…

Bringing along his big gun and hand… Where’s the cigar? 0_0

Boba Fett and the clone are the judges of honour for the competition!

The cosplayers eagerly awaits their judgement… 0_o

It’s very unfortunate tho that Chibi Lacus ran outta juice by the time we reached late evening time… Bidding farewell to the comrades, I returned to my den for more consumption of anime series… >:3c

You can see the rest of the shots from the event by visiting this page