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Pinkku Plugsuit Musume

Recent DVD and BR releases of the remake version of last year’s movie hit Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance revitalised the attention and fandom of EVAngelists worldwide, so it’s no surprise that GSC and Max Factory decided to announce the PO of Figma Makinami Mari Illustrious…

News courtesy of the Figma Blog… ^_^

Being a new character to the ever popular classic, Mari immediately attracted my attention when I watched the movie during my AFA09 trip last year, very well due to her signature PINK plugsuit!!! :Dc

Mari will be the 1st of the Figma EVA series, with Asuka and Rei coming in close at latter moons…

I must collect all figures in PINK!!! 0_0

What surprises me is that the Figma will include a pretty huge accessory…

An actual Entry Plug interior complete with pilot’s seat!!! This beats Revoltech’s version hands down to the core!

Most of Mari’s plugsuit will be made from soft PVC so there’s a lot of freedom in her poses, altho technically restricted in the end… ^^;

Mari comes with an additional angry face plate as well beside the default and the evil smirk… ^^;

It would appear all EVA plugsuits will be incorporated with a new double axis Figma joints which allow the girls to realistically bend their chest…

Even the “eyes” piece is separated to allow more freedom to the bosom…

Priced at 3,000 yen and scheduled to be release in October, the PO starts this coming Tuesday on 1st of June so be prepare, comrades!


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