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Archive for 26th May, 2010

皆! 抱きしめて!

Dakimakura (I seems to have always misspelled it as Daimakura… ^^; Well, it’s true it is big!)… Large size huggable pillow blessed with the personal imprint of anime charas, has been the dream of every otaku around the world… I’ve always wanted to get one but the extreme  price tag and lack of my fave charas have always made me to put the thought on hold… But it no longer matters today… 0_0  

After consultations and advises from comrades on Twitter, I’ve finally caved in and impulsively bought myself a dakimakura for myself… ^^;

Oh, if you cannot read what I wrote on the title of this post, it’s “Minna! Daki shimete!”, a quote by Ranka Lee in Macross Frontier before she sang “Seikan Hikou” to subdue the rebel Zentradi…

Horo is my third most fave chara after Lacus and Ranka, so it’s no surprise that I’ve chosen her to be my first bed companion… ^^; 


Images courtesy of Hobby Search, the online store which I ordered Horo’s Dakimakura… She’s available just starting today and already selling fast!