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The Line is Dead Close…

Time sure flies… It’s already been three fourth of a moon since the announcement of Project Buroggu Mascot… Thus far there’s only been one official entry to the contest… ^_^ Where are all the other challengers… XD

Please head to the "In the Name of Mascot" contest post for more information… ^_~

Comrade Kriegmark2 did a pretty fine job on his reimagining of the buroggu mascot, following closely to much of the criteria I’ve set… ^_^

Have a look at his full entry!

There’re also another couple of WIP from other comrades, but so far they haven’t submit their work yet, ganbarou! This one is from the talented, self proclaimed anti-social parent of DD daughters comrade, Arayden/User66/Daimaou… ^_^

He had made it clear that he won’t be entering this contest… But still I drooled over the lolilicious of his design of the mascot… :3c Here’s a Twidraw link showing step-by-step on how he did his master piece… XD

Comrade kyourinsama showed me a tease of his/her own creation as well over the Twitter some time back… But no further WIP since then… ^^; Remember, deadline for the contest is the end of this month, meaning only 9 days away! :Dc

Comrade Kriegmark2 did mentioned I have yet to name the mascot… ^^; Any suggestions? :Dc


One response

  1. Chia

    Well,your profile name is yunamon so…Yuna?XD

    22nd May, 2010 at 17:35

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