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Archive for 20th May, 2010

Pinkku Apuron Musume

Announced moons ago before the actual release of the eroge Se.Kirara (Produced by Max Factory, the makers of Figma itself and distributed online free of charge!), Kawamura Yuu is one of the original charas featured in the game itself now fully Figmatised… ^_^

Had a go with the eroge myself previously when I got my hands on the limited Figma Kagura Aya Morning Coffee Ver. some time back, I’m pretty attracted to the chara designs of the featured musume tachi in the eroge…

This osanajimi chara is packed with lotsa accessories, all of them
kitchen related as Yuu is good in cooking as seen from the game…

caught my eyes is her included apron piece, made from soft PVC material!

Coming out from her hole in this August, priced at 2,857 yen… ^_^

While she’s already available for PO since yesterday, the reservations are closed everywhere in only a couple of hours! 0_0 Se.Kirara must be very well received amongst the community to warrant such popularity… :3c

Out from little accidental clicks, I’ve managed to POed
TWO of Yuu from Amiami + HS… ^^; I don’t really follow the
Rules of Three (One for safekeeping, one for promotion and one for
display…), I don’t need another duplicate of her… ^^;

While I can easily cancel the order on HS side, I believe there are still comrades trying to get their hands on Yuu… So here’s the deal: I’ll direct my Yuu in her original HS price (15% off! So she’s only 2,439 yen!) from HS to your address if you wish but you’ll have to pay for her transport fees (Shipping to your place from HS of course, not from my place… ^^;) to your place … ^_^

Please reach me at neoprolacus at gmail dot com for arrangements. The deal is first come first serve only so I’ll only be entertaining the one mail that reached me 1st… You’ll be expected to commit yourself for the purchase so I’ll be asking a USD $10 PO fee forwarded to my Paypal account… It’s still months away until her arrival so you have the time to reach me before the limit… ^_^

Edit: Someone already contacted me on the adoption of Yuu… So no more emails please… ^_^