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Contest: In the name of Mascot

After moons of ogling over other comrades’ site mascots, may it be a loli or tsundere or dojikko, I’ve finally decided to adopt one for my own… ^_~

Eventho I’m a Graphic Designer, I’m pretty weak when it comes to CGIs… Therefore I humbly request the assistant of would-be artist and talented comrades from… I won’t ask you to design my mascot free of charge of course as this is pretty much sort of a commission work… The chosen one will receive a prize from either Amiami or Paypal courtesy of me… ^_^

For the past week I’ve been researching for the look and feel of the mascot type that I want, spending a couple of hours last nite preparing a rough sketch of the prototype… To my surprise, she came out nicely even tho it’s been almost a decade since I last unseal my tools of draw… ^^;

As you can probably see here, my CG skill is nowhere as awesome as those talented pros and semi-pros out there…

Character Design Requirements

As such I still need your help to digitise her into a full fledge CG… Here are my requirements of the character design…

Moe points:-

• Female
• Songstress
• Side tail
• Light pink haired
• Ojou-kei eyes in navy blue Iris
• B Gata H Kei—I mean—B type secondary "eyes" :P
• Vocaloid-esque head set covering her right ear with protruding microphone
• Lacus Clyne’s hairpin
• A loli is fine too… :Dc

Choice of wardrobe:-

• Chibi ribbons
• Frills
• Fluffy
• Zettai ryouiki
• Basically a mix of Mynmei x Ranka’s stage outfit
• Base colour pink mix with any colours you see fit
• Refer to my rough sketches above for a glimpse of my idea

Well that’s about it for the chara design requirements… What do you think of my initial sketches…?

Artwork Requirements

I will need a total of 3 different artworks of various poses for the final outcome… A couple of them are to be decided by me… To show you the pose I want, joshikousei Aigis will be our model today… :P

The default full body artwork is to be based upon this pose… Make her as kawaii as possible, ne…? ^_^

And a close-up to her face as well… Just make her do the Kira~! pose or something… XD

As for the third one, I’ll leave it to your imagination… Need the third one to be a half body portrait…

Filing Method

I prefer the artwork in vector form, and saved as PDF, AI or CorelDraw (Preferred) file format… Alternatively, I accept Bitmap files, but they are to be saved in 3,000px x 3,000px x 72dpi canvas with its white background removed…

You needn’t be submitting your source files when you’re showcasing your proposal to me, a viewable JPG is just fine… Only once you’re chosen I’ll ask for the source file(s).


The artist of the chosen artwork will have the choice of selecting either one of the following prizes…

• USD $20 directly sent into your Paypal account… (Of course you need a Paypal account to qualify… XD)
• A single in-stock item worth no more than 2,000 yen from Amiami. For example: Figma Cheerleader Haruhi.
   You can only select ONE item, you cannot accumulate 2 or more items that totaled up to 2,000 yen… That’s cheating… ^^;


Please submit your entries to by creating a new post. Once completed, head back to this post and reply to it in this format: Mascot (Post link) (Prize) without the brackets… For example:

In the case of selecting Amiami for your prize instead of Paypal, just replace the (Prize) with the link to your intended prize:

If you feel uneasy with the long links you can use link shorteners too… XD


You have until the end of May 2010 to submit your entries… Result will be announced within the 1st week of June…

Any questions please head to the post in… Dewa, yoroshiku onegai shimasu~!

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