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Of DFC and Moe Robo Bravo and Tea Time

I was expecting to have an intimate chat with a joshikousei in my den yesternite after an awfully exhausting day of work, however I was not impressed as instead of her I was given a single piece of sorry note… =_=

As with all my past experiences with these kinda notes, I had to barged into the Detention Centre to retrieve the said hostage… Luckily there were no more than a couple of fine citizens in the line before me so I managed to secure the Hako…

Musume tachi of the Den (Safe from Otome who’s been having severe headaches lately… :0 ) flocks towards the Hako, curiously wondering of its actual contents…

Looks like the girls are very eager to see what’s inside of this monstrosity… :D

Red Frame Kai will do the honour this time around (Instead of RExia last time…) of splitting the guts of Hako to expose its inner glands and stuffing… 0_0

The musume tachi began to cheer for the Mobile Suit as it cleanly sliced thru the Hako… ^^;

After a couple of months of delay, finally in my hands are pieces of the Goth-loli dress for my musume! ^_~ The dress is meant to fit on a Pure Neemo type body (which is 23cm in height) as well as a similar height DFC type Obitsu body…

A majority of my daughters are of the adult 27cm Obitsu body type so the dress doesn’t fit onto them too nicely… However, Horo is a 25cm DFC… Mmm… -_-

And there you have it, the model for the dress this time… :3c

Took some time to get the head piece onto her as her hair’s easily getting messy as I try to comb them in place… ^^;

Nyaa~! Chou kawaii desuuuuuu~~~~!!!

… <3

The dolphins join the wolfie! XD

Next up is Bug Terminator-chan‘s newest imouto, Bravo-Go! She’s packed with a punch!

Assembly will commence at later dayz…

Nendo Mugi finally made her acquaintance to the kingdom of FigNendo…

"M’am, do you want a cuppa tea…?"


Enter the Glutton… 0_0

Notice the shiny eye brows of Mugi’s… They are pieces of stickers given by GSC on a separate transparent sheet so you can choose which type of "brows" you want for Mugi-chan… ^_^

Don’t worry, the grip is strong on the adhesive side of the stickers… :P

Attaboy! Looks like the Nendo Coalition will enjoy some fun cake times from now on… XD

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