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GARness Solid Overload

Big Boss, codenamed
Naked Snake, will finally make his perfect action figure appearance in
the form of Play Arts Kai this June…

Hailed from the ever
popular video game series Metal Gear, this figure will based upon
Snake’s sneaking suit version from the forthcoming PSP Tactical
Espionage Operations game Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker…

It will feature many of
Snake’s in-game equipments such as Tactical Shield and his signature
handgun, not to mention much improved articulations (As compared with
the older Play Arts line like the Final Fantasy figures…)…

The sculpting on Play Arts
figures are as always exceptional… Just look at those minor details on
Snake’s sneaking suit!!! 0_0

Having experienced the demo of the game
beforehand, I’m totally set to get the game once it’s release in May…


For the record, the game will feature
popular seiyuu such as
Mizuki Nana, Inoue Kikuko as well as a Vocaloid! How awesome is that!

course I have POed the manliest action figure of recent times… XD

It’s been my dream to get a
decent Snake action figure after
all those years of playing the series (Starting from Metal Gear
Solid!)… ^_^

I hope there’s a Cyborg Ninja (MGS,
MGS2)/Raiden (MGS4) Play Arts figure soon… ~_^


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