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It’s (Not) Safe For Work

After all the troubles earlier this month, Figma Kagura Aya Morning Coffee Version finally arrived at my doorstep! XD

This hard-to-get Figma also marks my second attempt at using a deputy service (My first being Shopping Mall Japan, in order to get the limited 1/100 Zaku Warrior Live Concert Version from Yahoo! Japan Auction)…

The service I used is Tenso, of which I was assigned a Japanese address in which I keyed in when I ordered the Figma as the manufacturer does not ship internationally… After Tenso received the package, it will forward the item directly to me, of course charging a certain amount of commission for the service… ^_^

The box art itself after being unpacked from its highly secured outer shell, no damage whatsoever from the Postal Dude, thank goodness… XD

Berry nice illustration of the five main heroines of the bundled Se.Kirara PC Eroge! :Dc The bottom slogan reads: Is it OK to stay with you?

The other side shows shots of the Figma herself… But the lack of display window kinda disappoints me… ^^;

The side panel shows screenshots from the eroge… ^_^ Luckily none of the piccies contain any nudity or NSFW scenes or else I’m very sure my package will be held hostage by the Custom Terrorists… >,<

The top flap has a holo-sticker indicating the product being adult oriented… XD 18+ desu—!

Numbered 10th in the SP series, Kagura Aya is labelled as a limited figure… ^_^

Unfortunately there’s a slight damage at a corner of the package…

My guess it’s a factory defect… >,<

A chibi Aya greets you as you open the box… <3

Tottemo kawaii desu wa~! XDc

The contents of the package include the Se.Kirara eroge in crystal jewel case, its instruction manual and the Figma herself in a rather plain looking white box (Similar to the likes of Figma Gizmo Drossel’s…)…

Five little chibis gathers around the DVD surface… Mah, mah~! XD

A rather yuri centric illustration grace upon the first page of the manual… 0_0

Licky, licky, Aya! <3

At one of the side panel of the box listed the contents of the Figma…

The contents include: A Figma Kagura Aya, a coffee cup, a saucer, a tissue box, exchangeable right hands x4, exchangeable left hands x4, an exchangeable face, a Figma base, a base arm, a base arm extension piece and finally a Figma bag…

Incidentally, before the actual release date of this limited item, I was e-mailed by Hobby Stock regarding some printing errors on the box…

In truth, the contents should include: A Figma Kagura Aya, a coffee cup, a saucer, a tissue box, exchangeable right hands x5, exchangeable left hands x4, an exchangeable face, a Figma base, a base arm and finally a Figma bag… Now what happens to the QA/QC (Quality Assurance/Quality Control) department of Max Factory and GSC to have missed these errors? ^^;

Anyways, fiddling with Kagura Aya causes slight nose bleeding and huge tidal wave of drowsiness (Not realy her fault, I didn’t get much sleep lately BTW… XD)… ^^;

Here are some shots of the lovely Aya in her Y-Shirt, clad only in her pantsu… :3

While her shirt is made from soft PVC to allow wider range of movement, this applies only to her front side as the shirt on her back is moulded in hard PVC…

Due to her thigh design, her calf movements are severely restricted as well… >,<

Her hands are of the peg type instead of the older ball jointed end, following the trend introduced onto the latest Figma line…

Her hair is made of hard PVC as well, and is kinda in the way when posing as there is no joints on the hair to allow you to move the longest end away from obstruction… ^^;

The coffee cup’s handle feels very weak and might actually snap off at times… I had to be very careful when handling such minuscule accessories…

Posing with the saucer also creates another problem as there’s no dedicated hand piece (Like the hand that holds the coffee cup…) that will hold onto it tightly… Might need some blutac to secure the saucer onto her hands… ^^;

Bare naked Aya + tissue box is a wonderful combo!!! ^_~

Umm… Where are you touching, Aya? ^^;

You can easily reveal her modest eyes as her Y-Shirt can be, ummm, achemm!! *Coughs, coughs!*

Munechira desu~! @_@

Do note that her pantsu is secured onto her hips thus you cannot remove them as you please like Yui’s… :D

Panchira da yo~! <3


To conclude this review, Aya will make her debut into the Sisterly Love 4koma series… XDc


7 responses

  1. SeiraTan

    這隻是什麼東東美少女GAME, SE 什麼KIRARA?好像哪裡聽過下目見一下的封面的ART沒有什麼特別平平常常的.究竟好不好玩?

    3rd April, 2010 at 01:48

  2. yunamon

    您可免费下载游戏本编… XD但需注册为 Nico Nico 用户… ^_~

    3rd April, 2010 at 23:59

  3. hitane

    how much in total of everything to get her? the shipping must be the killer.

    5th April, 2010 at 07:17

  4. yunamon

    5020 yen from start until she arrived to my chest… ^_^2800 yen for the prize + 490 yen to ship to Tenso Japanese address + 490 yen Tenso service charge based on her weight + 1240 yen EMS = 5020 yen total

    5th April, 2010 at 12:22

  5. J

    how do you pay for the actual item when using they don’t make payment for you unlike shopping mall japan right?

    5th April, 2010 at 14:03

  6. SeiraTan


    6th April, 2010 at 09:31

  7. yunamon

    @J W Yeah… You’ll have to pay for the item yourself…

    7th April, 2010 at 08:42

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