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Frame Dyed in Rouge

Red Frame, my most favourite MS design in the Gundam Universe, is the only one of its Gunpla version I don’t mind buying four times over… ^_~ In my armoury, I already possessed a couple of 1/100 Red Frames (Of one already being customised into Pink Frame…), a 1/60 PG Red Frame with Special Clear Set, and finally the recent addition 1/100 MG Red Frame Kai…

A sense of déjà vu pierced thru my very thought during the process of assembling this kit as the majority (Almost all to be exact… ^^;) of its runners are duplicates from Blue Frame 2nd Revise’s released last year…

On the other hand, panel lining the frames are quite tedious as well, which took me well over a week of ons and offs just to get the main body completed… 0_0 As such, I had to postpone once again my Sisterly Love 4koma for the week… ^^;

The extra clear runner that is included together with the kit in conjunction with the Clear Campaign promotion…

Unlike the clear parts of MG Victory that replaces all the blue parts of the Gunpla, the ones given for Red Frame Kai are only a partial of all the white outer armour parts, covering only around its abdomen and pelvic area…

Will cover that on the next post…

Nice bling bling-ness on the blades!

However no glorious glossy gold plated runner on the supposed golden parts… Zetsubou shita!!! :<

Looks like I have to take the matter into my own hands… Domestic aerosol spray cans to the rescue!

Tried on a few colours (Golden Yellow, Silver + Fluorescent Yellow, Candy Yellow) but none of them satisfy my pickiness as they look too flat to my liking… In the end I’ve decided to use the silver bling bling to spray paint the golden parts… The result is surprisingly eye catching! :D

Most of the body parts from the MG work on its older 1/100 counterpart and vise-versa…

Tried the MG’s head on the 1/100’s body… Works like a charm! XD

Behold the glory of Red Frame Kai…!

I did very minor customisations onto the MG kit… The main body aside, the Tower Shield, Beam Rifle and the Beam Sabre Backpack are all direct ports from the 1/100 version… :Dc

While the Tower Shield and the Beam Rifle can be wield directly by the MG, you’ll need to mod the backpack in order for it to fit onto MG’s sexy bare back…

Excess polycaps from all my previous Gunpla comes in handy for such customisations… ~_^

As Red Frame Kai is pretty more or less the same as Blue Frame 2nd Revise, I won’t go in depth into its articulations and all as they’re virtually the same…

The shoulder armours on Red Frame Kai are obviously different from the ones on Blue Frame… Loving the clear sticker on this kit… ^_^ However this particular sticker comes in a single piece so I had to separate it along the seam line using cutting knife… -_-

The head design is different as well… Such magnificent eye catching piece of crystal clear sensory thingie on its forehead! XD

However, similar to its PG brother, the V fin is quite fragile and loose…

Instead of wearing platform shoes ala Blue Frame, Red Frame Kai opt instead for flat slippers… XD

The twin katana that first attracts me to this MS! :D

As you may notice I’ve spray paint the golden parts into silver bling bling-ness…

It appears silver is much more suitable to Red Frame’s overall scheme as compare to the golden parts…

Such blinding sharpness… >,<

Curiously, the designers of this kit left a huge gapping hole on the Saya (Scabbard)… 0_0

Dual wielding katana = Intimidating…

The Tiger Pierce and Gerbera Straight, with their blades Kotetsu and Kiku Ichimonji/Kiku Hitomoji extracted…

Unlike their PG counterparts, the blades are secured into their Tsuka (Hilt) with nothing (The PG version uses a locking peg called Mekuji), thus they are easily detached from the hilt from time to time stuck on the Scabbard when they are to be removed… ^^;

Recreating poses from the PG version… ^_^

Iron-Man ground pound!

The Dengeki Hobby pose…

Dance with the swords…

Beaming the sabres…


Duplicate runners always mean leftovers… These Armour Schneiders are one of them… ^_^

If you follows the SEED Astray manga, you’ll know that Red Frame have an alternate attack using its bare hands! :3c

The Electric Energy Ball attack is accidentally utilised during a Gundamjack incident when Red Frame’s power flow on its palm leaks, forming a sphere of pure energy…

This special attack allows Lowe to defeat Rondo Giina Sahaku in his Gold Frame Amatsu later in the story! :D

See the kanji on the hand? It’s Rai, meaning lightning… Hmmm… ^_~

Will continue on Tactical Arms II L next… Expect another post on Red Frame Kai in several days… ^_^


5 responses

  1. Rodrigo Iván

    Can you explain a little bit more in-depth how you made compatible the beam saber packpack with the MG? Judging by the pics you just added one extra polycap to the backpack and cut it in the form of a square to fit the square hole in the MG bare back. Is that all?

    15th March, 2010 at 22:15

  2. yunamon

    That is correct, comrade!

    18th March, 2010 at 02:12

  3. yunamon

    For the transparent polycap, I use Kotobukiya’s MSG ball joint…

    18th March, 2010 at 02:19

  4. Thanayut

    I like that you think. Thank you for share very much.

    19th March, 2010 at 00:21

  5. I definitely want to read a bit more soon. By the way, pretty good design that site has, but what do you think about changing it once in a few months?

    21st October, 2010 at 06:50

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