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The Road to Bushido

Arriving home shouting “Tadaima—!!!” only to find a wrinkled envelope aboard my bunk… 0_0 No doubt the good work of the Postal Dude… ^^;

Looks like another SA (Suddenly Acquired…) series… XD

This time it’s from Bushiroad! The SAIs (Suddenly Acquired ItemS…) this time include a set of Queen’s Blade Chaos TCG starter deck, another set of Haruhi WeiB Schwarz starter deck, some promotional posters and a couple of Nobiri…

Actually kinda lucky to have won this from the recent giveaway organised by Danny Choo as there are quite a number of comrades who’ve guessed the correct answer but I am one of few random chosen ones to have the honour to receive the prizes, sponsored by Bushiroad… ^_^ Thank you Danny Choo for this opportunity!

Ooooo… A note from Hazuki-san of Bushiroad… ^_^ Arigatou gozimashita!

Had a quick look at the decks but won’t be finding any time soon to study the rules of the card games… >,<More than half of Haruhi’s deck is full of Haruhi herself… ^^; There’s only a few Mikuru ones while Yuki takes the rest… As for the Queen’s Blade deck, all characters from the anime season 1 makes their appearance… I’m particularly fond of Arein’s cards… XD

The twin Nobori that came along with the card games… ^_~ The poles are a little bent tho… ^^;

Mmm… Maybe using them as identity flags for the Figma Alliance and the Nendo Coalition… XD

Still having a tough time panel lining and assembling MG Red Frame Kai… Sisterly Love is on hold for the time being until I’m finish with the MS… ^_~


2 responses

  1. Gixxer

    congrat !! and yeah .. haruhi deck is full with haruhi cards.. thats why its called haruhi deck . LOL .. and its a powerful deck.. trust me ..

    8th March, 2010 at 13:49

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