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Drinking a Coffee in the Morning…

Announced and revealed during the last WonFes, the Figma line will see the release of a chara straight from an eroge Se.Kirara developed by Max Factory itself at the end of this month!

Figma Kagura Aya Morning Coffee ver. is labelled as a limited exclusive (Will come bundled with the PC eroge itself free of charge), of which her preorder is available only on Native‘s site…

The PO actually starts a couple of days ago, but the site was under the stress of a huge tidal wave of web traffic (Due to too many otaku trying to PO Aya at the same time… XD) that forced them to shut down the PO later that evening!

I know because I was struggling to PO her that whole day as well! >,<

Luckily, I noticed an announcement on Native’s site at the same nite, stating that they have temporarily shifted the PO to Hobby Stock…

Immediately I headed towards the alternate route, fighting thru long wait times before finally sealed my PO deal with Hobby Stock after the long day’s battle… :D

The PO also closed not long after that… 0_0

Being an exclusive usually means that the product will only be delivered within the Land of the Rising Sun, so no international shipping… >,< This is where deputy service comes in… ^_~

Using Tenso as recommended by Danny Choo, I’m assigned a Japanese address of which my shipment will be delivered… From there Tenso will forward the acquisitions to my den… The service comes at a price of course and I’ll have to pay for the shipping twice but WTH… This probably worth every penny… XD

Anyways, Native promised that the PO will reopen in the next few days so would be adopter of Aya don’t give up just yet! ^_~ Aya will be released at the end of this month…

As for those who’re curious over how will the eroge itself fares, it will be released onto the net free of charge on the same day! X3


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