Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

Fu—mo, Fumo, Fumoffu~!

Every time I adopted a daughter the Custom terrorist always make sure to hold her hostage… ^^; Once again the transport en route to my den was intercepted and detained, demanding a total ransom of USD 36 before releasing it to my care… >,<

Anyways it’s really my fault for forgetting to split the acquisitions this time as the total value hits the limit of which the Postal Dude will ignore and send it to you without detention, which I think falls under 10,000 yen of total value including shipping if I’m not mistaken… Those are the rules on my island… ^^;

A quad of new acquisitions barged into my desktop… 1st and foremost is Figma Battle Waitress Mikuru, which I’ve been meaning to acquire for quite some time now… I also got the yellow muffler x gloves set as part of the Winter Campaign offer…

Next is the awfully cute mecha Bonta-kun of Bandai’s Robot Damashii
Side AS? line… Being my first ever RD, I’m quite satisfied with him
after a few fiddles, altho I feel his overall built is too plastic,
unlike the painted Figma lines…
Bonta-kun will
serve the frontlines of the 4koma series from now on… XD

Bonta-kun comes with quite a lot of weaponry, being a military otaku and all… XD A trio of different connectors are included to allow Bonta-kun to utilise weaponry from other RD figures… Haven’t try them yet but I think the connectors are compatible with many non-RD items of the same scale (HG Gunpla weaponry?)… XD

Behind each of the extra face plates you can see the details of what appears to be consoles and screens of a cockpit… Well… Bonta-kun is actually an Arm Slave (?) wore by Sagara Sousuke in Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu! If you haven’t watched the series yet, get to it! It’s very hilarious!

This is the reason the Custom Terrorists held my transport… Cospa Resinya Katsura Hinagiku Starter Set is the most valuable acquisition amongst the four in the danbooru…

The starter set comes with only Hinagiku’s head and her school
outfit, so I have to use my spare M-bust Obitsu body which I got from
some time ago… Lookin’ good there Hina-chan!

You may notice a certain Figma stand-like thingie holding onto Hina-chan… That’s an Obitsu stand (Which I acquired weeks ago), which works similar to the likes of a Figma stand, the only difference is you’ll have to assemble it ala Gunpla… ^_~

I also acquire a set of 1/100 MG Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai, which I’ll commence the assembly in a couple of more days once we reach the end of the week… ^_^


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