Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

Sisterly Love… Hatachi

The 4koma makes her triumphant return after a fortnight of absence! :Dc

And of course this 4koma aren’t the only ways to serve our shy beauty, no? XD Like I said last time, I’ve more than a dozen of strange ideas brewing in my mind… Here’s several more of the same-pose-different-takes on Mio bullying… XD

Attack of the Colonel’s genetically modified karaage gundan~

The vibration of the car’s engine… Chotto waku waku suru~! XD

The remnants of my failed attempt to customised a Figma Lacus… ^^;

Will need the correct parts from SEED Heroines 1 & 2 set… Altho her head is totally compatible with any Figma body…

Orange-kun with a messed up grin… 0_0

Roarrrr~! Me Grimlock eats puny joshikousei for din din!

Surprised! Inside Mikkumiku is actually Nendojou~! :Dc

Dolphin Rider strikes again!

Mecha love…?

Sisterhood to the rescue~! :D It’s good to have a good bud who’ll share your feelings…

Orz… Too—much—moe…


One response

  1. Chai

    same pose XD

    3rd March, 2010 at 16:53

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