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Little Sisters Adoption Campaign

Dear Mr./Ms. Bubbles,

Today we have lotsa Little Sisters upped for adoption, hopefully you’ll pick up some of them and protect them like a Big Daddy/Big Sister you are… XD

All of them are authentics originally adopted from the Japanese store Hobby Link Japan or elsewhere and NOT bootlegs.

With the exception of Klan Klan, all items are unboxed at several occasions for photoshooting and checking, otherwise they’re still intact. All items are free from dust / smoke and kept in cool, dry


Paypal is prefered. Shipping within Malaysia is free of charge… ^_^ International transport fees are calculated based upon this… Requotation is needed for two items or more due to weight issues…

This is the way the Postal Dude calculates the shipping fees (For example: To US): 1st 250 gm = USD 7, every 250 gm thereafter = USD 4… So if your total weight is 2 KG then it’s USD 7 + 7 (USD 4) = USD 35 total… 0_0

Please contact neoprolacus[at]gmail[dot]com for Q&A…

Robot Anime Heroines DeluXe Lacus Clyne (Gundam SEED Ver.) – USD 80

Megahouse Excellent Model Robot Anime Hero & Heroines Lacus Clyne (Gundam-Archives ver.) – USD 55 SOLD

Megahouse Excellent Model Robot Anime Hero & Heroines Lacus Clyne (SEED Destiny ver.) – USD 55 SOLD

Belldandy (Movie Battle Costume ver.) – USD 55

Kotobukiya Banpresto Belldandy (Shifuku ver.) – USD 55

Banpresto Shaberu Koro Koro Haro – USD 25

Banpresto Haro Roomlight – USD 25

Bandai Mascot Robo Haro 1/4 Alarm Clock (0079 Green ver.) – USD 40 (Not pictured, but you can see the previous piccie here…) SOLD

Banpresto DX Image Display Figure Lacus Clyne – USD 25

Banpresto Destiny Heroine DX Figure 3 Lacus Clyne – USD 15

Banpresto DX Heroine Figure 3 Feldt Grace – USD 20 SOLD

Banpresto Chou Jikuu Encore Ichiban Kuji Prize A Klan Klan (Special ver.) – USD 55 SOLD

Please spread the word of this adoption… ^_^ Please spread the words to all loving parents out there…

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