Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!


Reaching my den after a hard day’s work to find a nice lookin’ danbooru on my bed… ^_^ Delighted, I updated my Tweet with the mentioned sentence, but somehow a fellow comrade thought I’m going to build my own Danbo just like a certain comrade… ^^;

Anyways, it seems Otacute recycled one of their used packages again… ^^;

No harm was done onto the danbooru as it was delivered by
FedEx, a trusted courier service unlike the national Postal Dudes…

A pretty weird way of packaging my acquisition… 0_0 The contents* are intact so no worries… ^_~

* Horo plushie not included… XDc

A thank you slip and another unknown trading card as freebie… 0_0

I kept seeing this Nakamura guy for each of my Otacute
packages… Is he somewhat assigned to solely handle all my
acquisitions? ^_~

The shy beauty exposed! Sorry no shimapan shots for all of you HEro (Hentai-Ero) yet… :P

A challenge to you all tho… How many situations can you made
from having Mio in this same position in every shots combine with any other chara in
various actions? So far I’ve already thought of more than a dozen… XD This Yui >_<
is one of them… XD

I’ll do the rest of the shots in a couple of more days… I’ll
feature a quad of them as this week’s Sisterly Love 4koma… XD

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