Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

Ookami no Nuigurumi

Still in holiday mood~! :D It’s already day four into the new Lunar year of the Taiga… Been consuming lots of mikan lately… ^^;

However, not so good thingies do happen… Been experiencing sharp pains at my right ankle and foot base this past couple of days ever since I woke up yester morning that I couldn’t even walk properly… >,< Been dragging me legs around like some zombie now… 0_0 Hopefully I get well soon by tomorrow…

Anyways, the FedEx Dude came by earlier today, dropping a box from Otacute… This is the one rare occasion I’m around at my den to welcome my acquisition… ^_^

Guess what I got? XD

W-Wait… Isn’t that…?

Chibi Horo plushie from Ookami to Koushinryou Charamofu by Aoshima!!!

Mah, kawaii desu wa~!

Ookami mimi!!!

She doesn’t groom her ears much does she… ^^;

I was sold by her energetic eyes and :D smile…

Too bad she doesn’t go fang-tan on us… :3c

Her wheat grain pouch is included as well…

No seven seeds available to plant in side of her tho… XD

What will Horo be without her signature and pride — her majestic fuwa fuwa shippo~!

I can’t help but grabbing and squeezing her tail every now and then… ^.^

Her over-shoulder cape is removable via a shiny, sparkling button…

I’m so love her dress…

To answer your curiosity… Yes, all of her clothes are all removable… ^^;

You’ll need to work harder on her upper dress tho, whereas her pants are easily removed to reveal — plain white pantsu… 0_0

So drop-gorgeously adorable.. XDc

Mah— Mah– Mah-Mah-Mah! Those huge red eyes are too mesmerising…

A peek at her back…

And shippo… ^^; *Grabs*

And a random shot… *Nosebleeds*

For some reason every time I cast my eyes on Horo I’ll purred “Nyaa~!”… ^^;

Meet her Azone counterpart! :D

Wallpaper material!!! XD

Henceforth she’ll sit beside me guarding my Yume while I’m counting Biri-Biri… :3c


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