Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

Chibi Lacus-chan Kenzan!

Henceforth I am a parent of a new baby girl! XD After a week of jinxed events, I’ve finally procured my dream loli… The Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3!!! :3c

I actually went to the detention centre twice today; Once during my lunch time, but my card still doesn’t register… ^^; Finally later the day, my banking clan updated my account, thus I head back to the lockup to release my loli after work… ^_^

The whole package lay bare on my bed! A standard tripod, default leather case, XL size Puma jacket, huge paper clip (Not pictured here; Not the memory card holder x keychain as reported earlier…) and of course LX3 herself… :D

Piccie taken using LX3 on Auto… ^_^

Been thinking of her name even as I’m writing this message…

Mmm… Lumix = Rumi-chan? Nope, taken by comrade WiseFreeman for his daughter… XDc

Piccie taken using the veteran Olympus FE230 on Auto… ^_^

LX3 = LaX3 = LaX = Lakus = Lacus?

Yes… I’m naming her after you, my musume… :D Thus Chibi Lacus-chan she is! ^_^

Piccie taken using the veteran Olympus FE230 on Auto… ^_^

As warned by comrade WiseFreeman, the default case isn’t really suitable for Chibi Lacus-chan…

True enough, it takes effort to contain her into this tight coffin, especially along with her straps and lens cap… 0_o

I’ve also procured a self retaining lens cap from eBay a few days ago… Once it arrives, attaching the cap will probably makes it more difficult to use the leather case…

I’m aware of the official button based leather case, but the price is too steep (1/3 the adoption fee of my Chibi Lacus-chan! 0_0) so this will do for now… >,<

Piccie taken using the veteran Olympus FE230 on Auto… ^_^

The tripod I got alongside Chibi Lacus-chan is much chibier that my previous work horse… 0_0

Look at the size of that thing!

Piccie taken using LX3 on Auto… ^_^

With Chibi Lacus-chan on loose I can finally show you the elite that have been accompanying me these couple of Earth cycles…

Behold the veteran Olympus FE230!

Piccie taken using LX3 on Auto… ^_^Otsukare sama, FE230!

I can finally return to Sisterly Love series by tomorrow, after I spend some quality time molest—I mean—playing with her… XD


2 responses

  1. Shahriman

    Congratz on your new Daughter , please take good care ^_^ Man , Chibi Lacus-chan looks smexxy as ever . Puma Jacket !! Nice Promo on the LX3

    5th February, 2010 at 14:30

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