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To Aru Tako no Megurine Luka

Otacute has become my last resort acquisition of popular FigNendo that I failed to PO at Amiami or HS, and so far I have no problem with securing my PO as they usually have a second batch of PO if the 1st went out too fast… :D

Today, my second serving of Otacute came after the disaster a couple of moons ago, arrived at my den from FedEx.. FYI, Otacute now offers a quad of different shipping methods: From most expensive to cheapest, EMS (Express Mail Service), FedEx, Registered SAL (Surface Air Lift), SAL…

No beer box this time around but… Aji no Moto from Okinawa!? XD   


Otacute continues to surprise me… ^^;

Here comes our chibi beauty and her chibi companion wrapped in stasis inside the package… :Dc



This time around I got some freebies along with Nendo Luka… An A4 size brochure on Yamaguchi Revoltech series and Sci-Fi Revoltech series… As well as a Bleach trading card… 0_0  


I LOLed at the fact that Otacute stuffed this couple of Icaros Daimakura advertisement posters inside the danbooru… ^^;

Meh, if only the posters are intact I may pin them up in my room…

Nendo Luka, Nenpuchi Tako Luka and Nendo Kureha… ^_^

I actually acquired Nendo Kureha about a couple of quarter moon cycles ago from a fellow East Malaysian while searching high and low for Nendo Saber Lion… ^^; Almost got the latter alongside the former but I’m a bit late so I’ve only managed to secure Nendo Kureha…

The rest of the Luka family joins in…

Totally ROFLOL at Nenpuchi Luka with Tako Luka face plate… XD A natural comedic partner for my Nenpuchi Churuya! :3c

Awaiting my collection of LX3 before throwing Luka into the 4koma… XD Oh, and Figma Yui is coming to my den in a couple or more days too… :D

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  1. Great write up, bookmarked the blog for interest to read more, I like this blog, thank you :)

    22nd October, 2010 at 20:52

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