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Archive for 1st February, 2010

Into the Cradle of Darkness

Looks like my Otaku Jinx is still in effect even after a couple of days… ^^;

It’s Monday so I called the customer service of the Bank that issued my credit card to settle the problem I faced the day before, so I can collect my LX3 using the settled card later the day. However, I was greeted by the same looping automated answering bot for over two dozen times, wasting a chunk of cash flow in my prepaid cell phone!!! >,<

Frustrated, I visited a nearest branch of the Bank in my area only to find out that the customer service at the main branch in the Capital is having a day off due to holiday in celebration of the anniversary of the Capital’s formation or something… ^^; Looks like I’ll have to try again tomorrow…

Later the day a couple of hours shy from end of my day’s work, I overheard an accident near my den from one of my returning colleague (He’s a runner, so he gets to visit around town delivering products and fetching stuffs…); It appears that a power generator was engulfed in fire… 0_0 After work, I’m stuck in a traffic jam as an aftermath of the burning power generator mentioned earlier… Looks like the fire disabled electricity in quite a large area around here including the traffic lights as I saw traffic police directing the flow of vehicles…

As expected, my den was under the influence of the Dark Side when I reached home… Luckily I still have my camp light (Which I often used as figure base LOL!) so I set up a small area in my room, playing my PSP… XD Luckily, not long after the power’s back online and thus this post of buroggu… ^^;

What a day! :3c