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Return of the Jinx

Just return from a visit to a local mall to attend a mini camera fair, in order to get my replacement of the ancient Olympus FE-230 which have been serving me for a couple of years now on figure photography and 4koma… ^^; And I thought my bad luck is a thing of a past… >,<

I actually had a brief look at the package itself when I visited the fair a trio of days ago when it first started… Priced at RM 1,599, the package itself includes the LX3 itself, a standard leather case, 6GB SDHC memory card, a Puma jacket and a teddy bear… I mean WTH!? A teddy bear!?

But checking the package today, the revised content is now the LX3 itself, a standard leather case, 4GB SDHC memory card, a standard tripod, a card reader case x keychain and a Puma jacket, all in one package… 0_0 Perhaps they realised teddy bear is not gonna fetch them hardcore camera fans…? XD

Anyways, as I was about to pay for my acquisitions (I tried to bargain to get a screen protector and a Ricoh self retaining cap for free, but failed miserably… ^^;), it appears my special skill kicks in again, the hidden dice rolled a positive number on the activation of Otaku Jinx… D:

My credit card cannot go through! DX Disappointed, I was about to leave and cancel my order when the fair promoter offered to keep a set for me in the form of booking until I settled the problem with my card. She gave me a month to do so… 0_0

Thus, I got myself an LX3 finally! Well, sort of… ^_~ I’m gonna try to collect the package by this week, before the upcoming Chinese New Year (In a little more than a couple of weeks)… Got some FigNendo 4koma running wild in my mind rite now, eager to be taken by the lens of the new armament… XD

2 responses

  1. Robert

    Wow that’s a troublesome card. Lucky they let you settle it in a month! How long did it take for you to wait? XD I wouldn’t have minded the bear :P

    31st January, 2010 at 08:54

  2. yunamon

    I don’t quite understand the wait part… ^^;But I gladly exchange a 6GB + teddy bear with a 4G + tripod + card case…

    31st January, 2010 at 12:27

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