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Archive for 25th January, 2010

Monday Anniversary Blues

Today is the anniversary of my arrival to the 3D world and I spent the most of it at work just because it’s Monday… >,< Happy Birthday, to me~! ^_~ And thank you to all those best whishes from the Tweets and myfigurecollection… ^_^

Nothing special happened today, with the exception of me treating myself a luxurious healthy lunch and POed a Figma Battle Waitress Mikuru from Amiami… The catch is this Mikuru will come with Figma Winter Campaign extras which include a muffler, a couple of Nendo gloves and another couple of Figma gloves… XD

Incidentally, my Imouto’s b’day is tomorrow… 0_0

Earlier today tho, I saw this post on Sankaku about a Nico Nico video containing a medley of 300 different Anisongs from this quad of years, of which the creator challenges us to see if we recognises all of them… XD

Back from work, I tried my luck on the 32 minutes long medley… ^^; Of the total 300 pieces of Anisong, I roughly recognised about 156 of them… That’s quite a lot for me… 0_0

Yet, according to the creator, those who scored 270 are of course AniOta (Anime Otaku, so to speak…) while those scored 200 or less are merely amateurs… So I’m pretty much still a Padawan in Anime business… ^^;

How much did you score? XD

Another note, if you see the floating counting comments that start with "Count #"… That’s me commenting… ^^;

BTW, if you haven’t notice, I’ve finally installed Miku Toki on me buroggu…! She’s at the right side of the page, top of the column… ^_~