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Archive for 24th January, 2010

See Thru Armour

Finally finished assembling my trophy earlier this evening, but exhaustion took the better of me so I’ve decided to halt the Sisterly Love 4koma for this week… ^^;

Anyways here’s a preview of the completed RX-78-2 Gundam Version 2.0 Mechanical Smoked Clear Version… XD

On the other hand, I realised that I’ve been neglecting my Obitsu daughters for too long… ^^; So as compensation I’ve got a Figma-stand-styled Obitsu stand, a set of black lingerie and an extra Obitsu body for Otome-chan… ^_^ I’ve also POed a set of black goth loli dress which should be released in next month… Otanoshimi~! ^_^