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Pegas Gundam

Yester-evening, while having a light tweeting with comrade lightningsabre,
a subject involving the upcoming Figma Rider’s ride were mentioned…
0_0 I’ve actually suggested a kit bash between MG unicorn x MG Wing
Zero Custom! :Dc

This is the concept of my abomination… XD

A centaur-like Unicorn fused with wings from Wing Zero Custom…

No kit-bashing is done onto the MGs themselves…

Each individual piece are carefully placed to show their intended visual outcome…

The holy angelic wings actually suit the stark white armour of Unicorn pretty well! :D


Who are you calling the White Devil there!? XD

The hind legs are actually the body of Wing Zero Custom… ^^;


If I’m to proceed with the fusion, it’ll have to be painted in white…

The way the hind legs "docked" with the rear of Unicorn… ^^;


is not welded in place yet, and I don’t intent to in the mean time…
Just positioned to show how the whole centaur concept would work…

basic mock-construction looks quite good actually… But I’m not
prepared to part with my Gunpla yet for the Frankenstein experiment…
^^; Perhaps I’ll do when I obtained a second Unicorn x Wing Zero
Custom, tho… But that may take a while judging from my monthly
expense at figure collection… ^^;

If anyone else want to have a try at my concept, be my guest! I would love to see how this Pegas Gundam will turn out… XD


2 responses

  1. Robert

    Wahaha! That’s freaking awesome! I see what you mean now. I figured don’t use your MGs but go for the 1/144s ^_^ Besides, the 1/144 are more to scale to Figmas ;)

    20th January, 2010 at 23:07

  2. yunamon

    Mmm… Good point… XD Let’s see if I can still find a HG Wing Zero custom around…

    20th January, 2010 at 23:22

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