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Master Kai x SP Grade

Larger piccies of a couple of highly anticipated Master Grades is available for your viewing pleasure… ^_^

1/100 Master Grade Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai…


Prettymuch using up 90% of Blue Frame 2nd Revise’s runners… But it’s Red Frame for the count! I’ve had it POed just a couple of days ago… :D

Featuring dual Gerbera Straights and Tactical Arms that transforms into a bow FTW! :D

Sword form basically the same as Tactical Arms II from Blue Frame 2nd Revise, with a slightly different parts on the hilt and sword body…

Flight mode looks a little strange, tho… I think Red Frame will look better grabbing the flying Tactical Arms from underneath ala the anime OVA (Where Red Frame grabs the hovering M1 Pack by hand…) released years ago… ^_~

1/100 Master Grade Unicorn Gundam OVA SP (Tentative)…

Basically the very same Unicorn from its KA version a year ago…


Supposedly the new leg armour sculpt allows wider knee articulations…

Nothing much is fixed at all from what I see… Unicorn still can’t bend its legs properly… That obstructive leg armour at the knee pit!

The detailed Hangar Cage is totally poison tho! Totally want!


Altho I’ve been meaning to get a second Unicorn so I can display its dual modes respectively, I’ll hold onto my horses for now… ^^;



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