Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

Lone Troop at the Bay of Queens

Comrade Crimson03 paid a visit to my island, and we get to meet each other during the weekend for some trooping at a local complex…

I was asked to stand in as his Battlefield Sniper, and I managed to rack up over 9,000 (Remove the last 0 please… XD) head counts in 5 hours time! Crimson03-san will probably posted his own report of the damage he did to the local populace, so here’s only several piccies of my ‘kills’ X3c

Keroppi~! It takes a lot of these chubby amphibians to win the heart of a certain Tsundere Railgun-chan… ^_^

Soon Danchou Trooper will have a spot in his own image just beside these magnificent DC heroes…

Every now and then the Otaku Trooper will need to replenish his reserves of manga and merchandise…

Zombie attacks! The glass will break!!!

Gunning… for friendship… XD For a moment there I thought Crimson03-san turning into TerminaTrooper…

Peek-a-boo! I-see-you—!

A secret admirer from a galaxy far, far away…

Troopers are eligible for a free copy of Sith Lord Memorial Issue…

I felt a disturbance in the Force…

Loli magnet…

Bye bye loli!

The very store I frequent for supplies… No sniping is allowed within the premise, eventho the Trooper threatened to pull a Death Star on the shop assistants… >,<

Caught a Shima Rebel along the way…

We had to end our journey due to a riot… For acquisition of the day, I got this survival horror novel from Borders… Only one copy left when I get to it… 0_0 Imagine that… Zombie troopers! :Dc

More trooping the end of this week at another location, expect more terrified commoners and shrieking fangirls… XD

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