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V for Victory!

What a busy week! After all the hiatus and an SAN, I’ve finally return to the construction of Victory…

Alas, assembly is pretty straight forward and little panel lining work is needed, but the application of the decals and stickers really took a bulk of my time… As a result, I’ve spent the whole New Year’s Day in my den fiddling with the MS… ^^;

Before further reading tho, please have a look at a couple of short reviews (In that order…) prior to the finale for more insights and piccies on this Gunpla kit… ^_^

Fighting the Core
Bottomless Top

Bottom Fighter in deployment mode sans Core Fighter…

It doesn’t look like much, but just like its counterpart, the Bottom Rim is designed to be compact for easy storage in the MS Hangar… ^_^

And now to dock with the Core Fighter… ^_^

Some transformation is needed to allow the Core Fighter to actually connect with the Bottom Rim…

An extra connector piece is required to bridge between the two… This particular connector piece also double up as a link to the optional Action Base…

With the Core Fighter aboard, Bottom Fighter now looks more powerful and a lot more intimidating when compare to its original deployment state…

Looks especially delicious when view from a low angle… XD

Onwards to the transformation of the Bottom Fighter! Detaching the Core Fighter and the connector from the Bottom Rim, extend the inner frame at the knee to form the MS’s legs…

Flip the whole Bottom Rim over and rotate the legs at a 90 degrees angle downwards, flatten the feet along the way… :D

Now focus upon the top part of the Bottom Rim… Pull down both legs at the hip joints to form the pelvic frame.

Unhook the side skirts from their locks and rotate them downwards…

Flip the pelvic armour downwards to lock pelvic area in place.

Turn the rear hook upwards, this piece will serve as the connection between the Top and Bottom Rim…

Finally, attach the Top Rim to the Bottom Rim via the hook from the last step…

And there you have it, Victory Gundam in its full glory!

On side note: I’m a little disappointed at the version KA stickers as they’ve started to peel themselves off a few days after application, especially those applied around corners and edges… -_-

For a transformable Gunpla, V is severely limited in its articulations around the legs…

For one, the thigh cannot raise beyond the front skirt. Also worth mentioning is the knee frame is single jointed instead of the standard double joints of the latest MGs…

Another note: The ankle joint is extendable allowing better freedom of movement at that part…

Normal leg splitting is OK for V, but side split is a little… ^^;

There are no articulations from upper chest to the pelvic area! Sacrifice is needed in perfecting the transformation gimmick it seems…

BTW, one of the hooks at the inner part of the shoulder that locks the Core Fighter onto Top Rim broke… I told you so… ^^;

A standard Action Base connector is included, which will be attached between V’s crotch…

The grip isn’t very strong tho, and will drop at any slightest movements… >,<

Mentioned last time, I’ve glued the Energy Expansion Pack onto the Beam Pistol permanently to form a Beam Machine Gun… ^_^

Speaking of glues, I’d to glue a couple of loose pieces as well, namely the armour pieces behind the lower legs… ^^;

Running with Beam Rifle…

Gun-toting ala Matrix!

Standard in flight hover mode…

Attacking from cover!

Beam Sabre, Harisen Mode~! Now lookin’ for a Manzai partner to hit with… XD

Roaring with dual Beam sabres…

Beam shield bash!

Ending V’s review with a size comparison with its forefather – Crossbone…

V does look significantly smaller and slender…

This is a summary of my verdict on the MG kit…


• Versatile transformation
• Extra crystal clear parts
• An extra Core Fighter
• That’s all about… it? 0_0


• Too plain unless spammed with decals and/or stickers
• Too many loose parts like Beam Shield Packs, Action Base connector and optional fingers of hand units to name a few
• Self-peeling stickers… Should have upgrade to the ones included in MG BF2R / Macross Frontier Messiah Valkyrie series
• Crisp and fragile parts
• Part swapping system on hand units
• Lack of articulations all round – Chest, waist, legs…

From the looks of it, MG V Dash and perhaps MG V2 may come along?

An omake in a review!?

Well yeah… This is something I cooked up while documenting the last review… 0_0 It’s a side story of Sisterly… Love series called Mecha Love… Enjoy the randomness…! XD


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