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InSANity Streak

Strike One! Amiami! Strike Two! Hobby Search! Strike Three! Hobby Link Japan!

Three different sources, all pouring into my den three days consecutively… ^^;

Didn’t I say I haven’t order from HLJ for quite some time now? Well… This time is different because this is a SAN (Suddenly Acquired Nendo) from a fellow comrade!

As part of his Christmas celebration, Alafista-san organised a giveaway contest ala Danny Choo several days before the holy nite, in which we have to guess what he wore during his last Nendo Travelogue with kodomut-san… The prize was one of any Nendo currently in stock in HLJ at that time… ^_^

There was a perfect sniper shot at kodomut’s parallel buroggu entry showing Alafista’s actual apparel that day, but for some reason during that period kodomut’s entry was mysteriously barred… XD A disappointment to many would be contestants I’m afraid… ^^;

I’ve read kodomut’s post before this contest (And before the entry lock…), therefore my memory still serves me well that day, managed to put an answer the same nite the contest opens…

Well… I’ve hit the jackpot when Alafista-san contacted me the next day… :Dc I was asked to refrain from declaring meself the winner before the deadline, which falls on the holy nite itself… Thus only now I write this buroggu entry… ^_~

Nyaa~! My first ever nekomimi Nendo! <3 Lightsabres not included…

Courtesy to Alafista and his sponsor HLJ! *Licks*

Puni puni kittie cheek just begs for some poking…

Kyaa-ha~! XD

Here kittie, kittie… :3

Nyan~! *Chases strawberry banana*

Kittie wants a cube of New Year Choco…

…and she shall have one…

…in celebration of a new decade! *Mogu mogu*

Warmest reception from the Nendo dai kazoku…

But a quarrel soon broke out regarding the ownership of the new face plate…

All Nendo wants to close their eyes sometimes (All current face plates in my possession are 100% eyes wide open… ^^;)… :3c

Less than an hour left until the end of the 1st decade of the 21st century even as I’m writing this buroggu entry… ^_^ My last entry of yesteryear!

Happy New Year! Lookin’ forward to a great 2010!


2 responses

  1. Chai

    haha congratulation. i am surprised to learn that you are one of the participatant too XD

    2nd January, 2010 at 16:30

  2. yunamon

    You too!?

    6th January, 2010 at 10:16

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