Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

At Year’s End…

*Humming while unpacking another set of goodies from the danbooru…*

Déjà vu! ^^;

Today’s acquisitions were supposedly delivered before Christmas but due to the lazy Postal Dude… >,<

Chopsabres! As preached before these pair is most suitable for 1/60 Gunpla… :D

Red lightsabres x Red Frame = Menacing! Need red eyes next… ^_~ BTW I don’t regret having PG Red Frame in my collection eventho the newer MG version looks much slender and agile…

Danny tried these Sabres on his Dollfies before but commented their length is too short for the 1/3 scale… I replied that the Sabres are more for 1/6 Obitsu Dolls…

I was right… ^^;

Rise of the Sith Baroness… Meido with lightsabres serving the Empire, what more can you ask for? <3

Nendojou meet Gizmojou… More on this week’s Sisterly Love… ^_^

Got a couple of di:Stage Extension Set 02 as well… Am surprised they came with Basic Set as well. A little disappointed tho that the gap between each clear panels is exposed allowing the dust to flow thru easily… >,<

The chamber of 罰ゲーム?


2 responses

  1. Shane

    Haha poor Mio. Those red lightsaber chops go really well with the gundamn. If you didn;t tell me I would have assumed they came with the gundam.

    30th December, 2009 at 06:56

  2. yunamon

    I’m surprised those chopsabres work really well with PG Gunpla and 1/6 Obitsu dolls… ^_^

    31st December, 2009 at 22:55

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