Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

I Can (Not) Contain Me Excitement

Doki doki, waku waku suru~!

But 1st thing 1st… Yet another "compliment" to the nyanderful job by the Postal Dude, sheesh! ^^; This is the reason I usually use EMS rather than SAL…

Oh lookie what we have here! Nendo Mio and Nendojou! Managed to secure Mio from Amiami when their PO for her mid December shipment upped… The PO was closed within an hour! XD

Nendojou bursts outta her cardboard prison with a bang!

Mio and Nendojou sharing an intimate part swapping moment…

The rest of the Nendos scramble to greet the new comers…

It’s getting a little too crowded in here… 0_0

My Nendos are multiplying too fast… >,<

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