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Archive for 25th December, 2009

Eve of X

Merri Kurisumasu~! Took my little FigNendo family for a wonderful Christmas Eve last nite, ended up with them posing shots for me cam rather than enjoying the dinner… ^^;

Pre-outing preparation in progress… Packing and mutilations is norm during this phase… >:D

Chu-san cannot reach the mic stand at all, Nyoron~! XD

Ponytail Miku was originally one of the participants of the outing, but was later rejected due to the hassle of handling her Figma-ism… >,<

was to visit a certain Hard Rock Cafe located within Hard Rock Hotel (As its name implies, all manners of decorations are in dedication to rock legends, including the late MJ…) with my buds but ended up having
dinner just across the road when we found out the steep pricing… ^^;

It was a small Italian x Indian cuisine shack, however their
air-conditioner broke causing the whole interior to heat up like a
sauna. Luckily there’s a vacant table just outside the shack so my
company occupied the cool space for our dinner… :3c

The Tako Luka Shimai actually arrived alongside MG V earlier this week…

Chibily immediately offered to babysit the children before their mother arrive next month… (>^o^)>

But was quickly overwhelmed by the overly genki shimai… XD

Oh noes, you cannot pull out from the babysitting now because you promised, eh Chibily?

Mesmerising light source they have there…

Tako Luka-chan sure doesn’t mind staring at the light all nite long… :3

Nice and cosy for the pucchi…

The Tako Luka Shimai invades Chu-san’s private space!

Here come the glorious foods!

A certain drooling Tako Luka had her gaze fixed upon the pizza belonged to one of the girls in my group… 0_0

Chu-san gets to share a portion of my fried chicken stuffed with cheese and ham… I forgot its Italian name as it is quite a mouthful… ^^;

Buttered chicken gravy, an Indian dish… Chu-san goes muax! at the delicious looking liquid… XD

After the dinner we went for a stroll within the hotel, more specifically the beachside pool… Chu-san caught by a beam of light at the poolside walkway…

And the Shimai is drawn to the light like flies… :D

Chibily almost burns her eyes due to prolonged exposure to radiation…

She’d passed out eventually…

Before we called it the nite, I caught a frame of this colour changing chandelier lights just at the entrance of the hotel into my lens… Rock hard they said… ^^;

We also went to catch Sherlock Holmes in GSC (Not Good Smile Company but Golden Screen Cinema… ^^;) after the trip… Superb performance by Robert Downey Jr. as the slightly psychotic Sherlock… XD Highly recommended to everyone if you haven’t seen it…

When I reached home it’s already 3 in the morning… ^^;