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Flying through the Stars

And I’ve secured my grasp on Ranka-chan… ^_^

As Megahouse’s AFCL (Action Figure Collection Limited) Ranka Lee Stage Dress Ver. cannot be obtained by normal means (You can only order her or Sheryl using a coupon from Hobby Japan and is limited to Japanese residents…) and I’m certainly not going to spent my fortune at Yahoo! Auctions to get her (Which usually horde at twice her retail price…), I’ve been searching for quite a while now for an alternate figure trafficking method ever since Ranka’s announcement… ^^;

Then I stumbled upon this eBay power seller selling the 1st AFCL Ranka in her school uniform, which lead me to believe he might stock up on the Stage Dress Version… Upon several Q&A with him, I’ve decided to place my PO with him… ^_^

Tokyo Hunter is a proxy specialist in finding and acquiring hard-to-find, vintage or limited figures for you, have a look at his buroggu for many of the upcoming hard to grasp items you might want… It’s definitely cheaper than getting them afterwards at hefty adoption fees made outrageous by those blood suckers in Auctions… >,<

Still half a year away until her arrival… ^^;

BTW, PO deadline for this pair of AFCL is 12th of January 2010, so you better contact Tokyo Hunter before then if you’re looking to acquire your daughter the same way as I do… And I’m talking about you, Actar… :3c

Also for those who don’t know, if you adopt both Ranka and Sheryl at the same time you’ll get an extra Ninjin (Carrot) costume for Ranka… ^^;

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