Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

Never Ending Acquisitions

Spend a quarter of my yesterday after work visiting a local mall for some resupplies, a brief outdoor sniping and caught a movie too… ^_~

was already night fall when I reached me den, a pleasant surprise to
find a couple of danbooru already reached my place… ^_^ Together with
my acquisitions from the shopping, I’m beginning to worry if my wallet
can handle such abuse… ^^;

from their respective boxes, here’s the Smoked Cheese I ordered from
half a month ago (O naka hetta!) along with Resinya Asakura Otome!

is my 1st encounter with Amiami’s danbooru… Similar to how HS handle
things, they stuff sugar papers inside the danbooru to protect their merchandise from the
wrath of Postal Dudes! ^_^

On the other hand, It’s been a while since my last order with HLJ… If
not for their Christmas Sales, I don’t think I’ll use their service
again ever since I switched to HS and now Amiami… 0_0

The cheesy contents, nyoron~! :3c

Just full of pucchi cuteness… :D

Nendo Pucchi Churuya-san, nyoreron~! Her joints are very stiff tho when I tried to adjust her arms and base… ^^;

guess Chu-chan is still trying to figure out where in the world did she
ended up on… ^^; Oh look her extra sleeves I mean arms…

Half body bust of Asakura Otome from Da Capo II Series…

Nice body is nice… *^_^*

I have an extra Obitsu body, I immediately attach the head from the
bust onto the body… Achem… Have yet to properly dress her up… ^^;

as her head was meant to be a statue in the first place, she’s quite
top heavy similar to the condition suffered by Nendoroids…
Furthermore, it appears that her skin tone is a little on the brownish
side while my spare Obitsu is snowy white… Mayhaps had to get a
replacement Obitsu body later…

And the ones from the shopping trip…

A couple of Makura, a chair for my Obitsu daughters, Hobby Japan January Issue and some dolphins… Some DOLPHINS!?

The only reason I bought HJ is because of this preorder
slip for Megahouse’s AFC Ranka Lee Stage Dress Version, available only
at the middle of next year… She’ll be my next daughter after
Hinagiku… :D

tho, POing her is only limited to Japanese residents… Fortunately
I’ve managed to acquire the help from a Tokyo Hunter to get her for me,
his asking price is 24,000 yen not including shipping fees, which I
think fair enough since her adoption fee alone is already 20,000 yen…

Of course this fixed pose figure of Ranka caught my eyes as well…

But no I’ll be adopting her Obitsu version, thank you… ^_~

Meyrin sat comfortably on the chair I bought for her and family, cuddling makura and dolphins… XD

The dolphins are splitting image of the ones Arayden (He gave the grey one to Danny… ;D ) have, albeit chibi-er… :P

And yes! The glamorous Saber Extra from the upcoming PSP game Fate/Extra! I’ve already had her booked through Amiami… ^_^

Awww… Saber had a rough day… She’s now sleep soundly in company of dolphins…

Note the pink one… XD


One response

  1. Shahriman

    Yay for yunamon for another Daughter , Asakura will be a great daughter indeed but I still like Lucas , oops I mean Lacus ^^:; Congratz on Yunamon for getting Churuya , can’t wait for FigNendo 4koma with nyo~ron :3

    13th December, 2009 at 13:31

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