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POed x KOed

since visiting Cospa booth during AFA09, I’m drawn to their Resinya
series, particularly Sasara due to
temptation of Arayden-san’s DD Sasara … ^^;

Unfortunately tho, Resinya Portrait Collection: Sasara’s starter set (which includes her bust pack, her uniform, an Obitsu body and some extra apparels…) was sold out… Only her head+bust stand lone package was available for sale so I gave up that day… D:

However, fate rarely calls upon us at the time of our choosing-blah blah blah… ^_~ HLJ started its own Christmas sales just today, and I saw a couple of Resinya in the list!!! 0_0 Only Otome and Yume from Da Capo II series are available for this sales, tho… No Sasara in sight… T_T

However as fate might call it, I’ve just finished reading DCII and DCII IF manga just a couple of nights ago, reigniting me passion towards my fave Burakon chara of the series, Asakura Otome…

With the one-two strike of HLJ’s
Christmas x PayPal x Free EMS Shipping 3-hit combo along with my previous fascination on the Resinya series, I caved in and ordered her in a glance… *_* Her adoption fee is only 2,762 yen, quite a bargain I must say, especially with the free EMS shipping… :D

Luckily, I have a spare Obitsu body in my vault so I can use Otome’s head on the body and dress her up to my liking… :P And thus another 1/6 daughter is born… ^_^ Incidentally, I’ve also POed Resinya Portrait Collection:Hinagiku from Hayate no Gotoku! series as well…

BTW, HLJ’s Christmas sales only runs from  7th of December (Which is today) until 11th of December… So you better act fast if you see something you like in that list… :D

On the other hand, Nendo version of the super popular Moe icon Akiyama Mio of K-On! series has just been released, but she’s already outta stock everywhere!!! While I’m more of a Yui person, I cannot resist that one particular accessory included with Mio’s package – the Nekomimi stand!!! :D

Luckily, I camps at Amiami almost daily ever since it opens its door internationally, and found out they have put up POs for Nendo Mio’s mid December rerelease… I’ve managed to secure my PO ticket, but found out in an hour’s time that they have closed reservations… W00t, talk about in the nick of time… ^_~

Quite heavy spending these couple of months… ^^; Hopefully my yearend bonus may douse my burning wallet… ^^;

2 responses

  1. Lightoss

    Im a proud owner of a Asakura Otome Doll of resinya!, And i complete love my otome! I actually bought her in sale at cdjapan for 3,429yen that is good because it came with her school uniform too, im sure you gonna love your otome too =)

    7th December, 2009 at 23:24

  2. yunamon

    Too bad mine don’t have her uniform… ^^;

    8th December, 2009 at 03:38

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