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ExMode Ranka Lee

Although I’ve already decided to turn myself away from fix pose figure collections to focus on action figures (Figma, AFC, Azone…), this particular Alpha x Omega sculpt tempts me once more! >,<

Being my top tiered fave chara (Other than Lacus…) which may launch me into spending frenzy, the release of this figure, especially in her fluffy dress form, is tormenting my doki doki heart… @_@

Still about half a year away from release, this Excellent Model (ExMode… XD) Macross Frontier Ranka Lee Chou Jikuu Cinderella Version from Alpha x Omega (A collaboration between Alter and Megahouse!) will feature exchangeable parts to switch between her stage dress and bikini outfit, as well as several different arm posing, Kira~n! handsign included… :3c She’ll be priced at about 6,800 yen, in 1/8 scale…

A pity I’ve made my commitment to get myself the other Ranka, the Action Figure Collection series by Megahouse, of I’m currently searching for a way to preorder her due to it being limited to only to the Hobby Japan magazine January issue… I’ll be grabbing a copy later this week to see how I can place my PO on her… ^_~

May need to enlist the help of comrade who lives in Japan tho as it seems the sales of these kinds of limited items are surely limited only within the land of the rising sun… >,< Or else I’ll have to burn more wallets to get it from Yahoo! Auction or eBay… T_T


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