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FigNendo’s Ark

After witnessing the incredible transports with some of the meanest security for their Nendoroids and Figmas last week during AFA09, I’ve decided to expand mine due to the increasing number of the occupants… ^^;

Currently I only have a quad of transports, each capable of carrying only a single Figma or Nendo, with the 4 of them able to dock into the larger carrier… Got a briefcase type plastic carrier in pink… Because I’m obsessed with pink, thank you… ^^;

Did some customisations onto the inner side of the carrier, filling them up with bubble wraps… It’s a good thing I keep all my bubble wraps from those parcels… ^_^

After some cutting and sticking using double sided tapes, the carrier is complete!

Nendo took almost all of the upper compartments…

Whilst the Figma took the basement… ^_~

Even with the new carrier, its bunkers are almost full… If the FigNendo grows in number any longer, I’ll have to get another one… ^^;


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