Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

AFA09: Day 02

Significantly less piccies were taken today, and was still unable to stalk each and everyone of the cosplayers… Getting milder as I fell deeply into submitting to my tortured body (aching calves) and soul (tired mind)…

A pool of aftermath shots can be accessed from here, and once again,  due to my digital camera’s weak ability, most of the piccies I’ve taken today are abandoned due to blurriness…Please excuse some of my under-exposed piccies as well… ^^;

Just like yesterday, the crowd has already gather in wait for the opening of the entrance, albeit not as much in numbers as before…

Been invited by a fellow comrade to do a kuji at KKNM… The prizes this time are of the Macross F variant, altho most of them are in different materials and colour variants…

The Anime-ish case of wanting-the-3rd-prize-but-got-the-Grand-prize-instead moment… >,<

Got meself a Prize A, a scale figure of Klan Klan… But I want Prize C more which is Ranka Lee~! DX Did tried to bargain an exchange with those who (3 of them… I’ve lost sight of that second guy… Wonder if he’ll do the exchange if I catch up to him…) acquired Ranka later in the draw but to no avail… Sigh…

Snatched a few shots on Mirai due to Day 01’s blurry piccies of her… When will she be available for preorder?

Cospa Resinya featuring charas from Da Capo and Little Busters! series… Resinya dolls only have the chara’s head and display mannequin body for sale in a package… You’ll have to get an Obitsu body and fabric clothing to complete a fully posable 1/6 daughter… 0_0

I’ve preordered the upcoming Hinagiku on Amiami, tho… ^_^

Cosplayer stalking commencing… It’s an all you can find mix of chara cosplay, traps, shota, loli, nuigurumis, even mecha… There’s bound to be one that you like… :P

Visiting some of the neglected booths I failed to cover on day 01… Nice arts and CGs!

Comrade Arayden brought another two of his musume tachi to the site… This time it’s Tamaki and Sasara… Comrade zh3us is poisoned~! :P

DC Shineitai…

Had some recharging with the gang before continuing for the remainder of the day… I think comrade kodomut’s Domokun T is ready to consume a Dollfie… XD

Kyon want some love too!

Daimakura squishing~!

Meido Lacus Ougi: Zanber Full Burst Mode!

Back to the site, Alodia and Ashley donning the uniforms of Mirai and Haruka~! :D Haruka was caught sniping her oneechan later… ^_~

Together with Danny-san, Mirai enjoyed great attentions from the crowd asking for signatures… Chibily somehow managed to sneak up onto the same platform as Danny’s Kagami… 0_0

Comrade kodomut was caught red handed for dollnapping a Jun-type BJD… :P

A few moment later I passed by a Saber Alter holding onto her father… Too bad Arayden’s Saber is absent today… She would very much love to meet her long lost sister I think. ^_~

A sudden appearance of a shota ninja outta thin air… Run~! The kawaii-ness will strip you of your sanity~!!! XD

More random shots before the Anisong concert…

Got a Nendo Rian-chan as today’s acquisition… Her genki face is too much love for Chibily as she napped it off Rian as her own, including the latter’s Miko fuku… XD

In reality, Chibily is a Mermaid Princess in search for a suitable suitor on land…

Ending the nite with Moeru~!! concert between Macross Seven fame Yoshiki and Macross F diva May’n!! Motteke~!

Elsewhere, a clash of light sticks commenced! The Force is strong in these girls… >,<

Spending the rest of the nite chatting away with many comrades at Subway on topics like comrade zh3us’s Rocket and his Nanoba incident… XD May need to do a FigNendo 4koma on that particular situation… So hilarious… XD

Overall, this is one epic trip for me, I was told I’ve even shown on Singapore TV… 0_0 Thanks to various comrades, I was able to enjoy these few days to the fullest, meeting like minded personalities and great inspirations… I’m sure to return for an okawari next year for the 3rd AFA… :D

See you gain next year my fellow Singaporean comrades!!!


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