Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

This is IT~!

And the time is now! In just a nite’s Biri-biri counting, I’ll finally head towards the airfield hitchhiking a plane towards the land of the Merlion…^_~

Just completed my task of allocating stuffs for the trip. I’m keeping my stuffs a minimum as I know I’ll be bringing back more things than what I carry over… ^^; The main theme of my trip this time is Darkness, therefore all my belongings are all in black… 0_0

So what are these belts you wonder? :3 And why am I bringing the helm of the Dark Lord? :P

Here’s why… This would be my getup for AFA09 day 1, wearing full suit of blacks with the helm as shoulder armour… ^_^

Please take note comrades whom I’ll be meeting tomorrow for the EVA 2.0 viewing as I’ll be wearing something like this tomorrow minus the helm and plus a camera bag (See below)…

As mentioned in earlier post I’ll be bringing my daughter and Chibily along for photo shooting sessions with other comrades… This would be the transport…

Of course I’ll bring along some entertainments to ease my waiting at the airfield… ^_~ Meido Lacus seems to be listening to May’n’s Pink Monsoon rite now… :D

Meido Lacus will be safe inside here… Chibily had to be mutilated to fit into the Nendo Transport tho… X3

I’m stocking some emergency rations as well in case of sudden craving for brainssss… >,< The rations are 3 varieties of local Pocky variant, choco cubes and a nutrition bar… :P

Waiddaminute… Meishi!? Yes, I did a hasty job on these yesterday and printed them out just this morning using my office’s machine… @_@ Will exchange them for Danny’s and Gordon’s trading card… :D

Waku waku indeed… :3 To all comrades who’ll be meeting me, see ya all soon tomorrow! FigNendo Wars (Sisterly Love series) will have a break this week as well…

4 responses

  1. gordon

    Make sure u find everybody to give those cards away! ^^;

    19th November, 2009 at 14:24

  2. yunamon

    I’m sure there’s going to be at least half of the total meishi left after I’m done with it… ^^;

    20th November, 2009 at 23:14

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