Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

Ki-taaaaa~! Galaxy Cinderella~!

Finally~! I’ve been waiting for this like… forever!!!

during the recent Megahobby Expo 2009 Autumn, these couple of 1/6
Action Figure Collections, undoubtedly by Megahouse, will be available
for preorder exclusively on Hobby Japan magazine…

Being limited items, I guess many online stores will not be able to stock on these two beauties (Amiami… T_T)…

I wonder if Otacute will have them as they tend to have those limited items for us international buyers…? :3

Kira~n! Galaxy Cinderella Ranka Lee Stage version…

Looks like she’ll be in her 25cm Obitsu body type just like Fluffy Horo… :) I’ve been eyeing on her stage dress for quite a while now… >:3

Motteke~! Galaxy Fairy Sheryl Nome Stage version…

Will be in her 27cm Obitsu body type similar to Meido Lacus… ^_~ LOL Her hat looks as if it’s floating, unfit onto her head…

Waku waku~! May have to cancel some of my previous preorders if I can get Ranka! :D

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