Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

Towards the AFA!

Less than a week left until the big trip to Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Centre! W00t!

Next Friday, I’ll be boarding a flight towards the land of the Merlion in order to attend the much anticipated Anime Festival Asia 2009 (AFA09), one of the most successful Otaku related event of the region… :D

AFA actually starts the day after, but I’m going in a day earlier to grab the pre-reg ticket and to meet up several comrades for a view of Evangelion 2.0 movie that night… :3

Accompanying me will be my 1st daughter, donning her own Meido fuku for this special occasion…

Originally I intend to have her taking piccies along with the Meido-san tachi from the Kyun Cafe which will be operable during the event, but recent announcement of regulations and guidelines on utilising the facility crushes my intention… 0_o

Oh well… ^_~

Moe, Moe, Kyuuuu~n! <3

Fluffy 2nd daughter had to be left out from consideration due to the hassle of grooming her hair and shippo if I’m to bring her to foreign lands… Poor musume… :(

Chibily will be coming as well… :D

Aww… She’s getting tsun tsun with Meido Lacus… XD

Lacus really does look best in this outfit… <3 It’s a tough choice to choose between her and the 3rd twin-tail musume, but eventually her ponytail got the best of me… ^^;

Yellow biri-biri mouse glomping mode~! :3

See you at the site, fellow comrades!


Looks like my wallet’s gonna burn hot this month… ^^;


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