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Framing Blues

And now it’s finally the time to conclude the review of 1/100 Master Grade Gundam Astray Blue Frame 2nd Revise (Meh, that’s a mouthful…) after a whole week of ons and offs… ^^;

Before further reading tho, please have a look at a trio of short reviews (In that order…) prior to the finale for more insights and piccies on this magnificent Gunpla kit… ^_^

Bleu Runners
Melancholy of a Sole Appendage
Skeletal Calves

course of posing Blue Frame for photo sessions, several armour
pieces fell off accidentally due to their looseness, especially side
skirts and the armour piece from upper abdomen… Looks like even
the MG doesn’t spare from the weakness suffered by the PG… -_-

Another look at the Armour Schneider racks docked beside of each of Blue Frame’s thighs…

As you can see, the MG version is significantly larger and more intimidating than the fruit knife 1/100 version… X3

Moving on to the highlight of Blue Frame: The Tactical Arms… In Sword Form, between Tactical Arms (1/100’s) and Tactical Arms II (MG’s), the latter feels sharper and slender, as well as longer at the blades and handle part…

In Flight Form, the 1/100 looks blocky and bulky when compare to the MG…

Transforming into Gatling Form next, one may notice the bulkier design on the 1/100 actually makes it look solid and powerful when compare to the aero dynamic design of the MG, albeit the huge Power Pack Adapters kinda in the way… ^^;

Attaching the Gatling Arm (The Gatling Gun without the blades) onto Action Base 2 actually turns it into a stationary turret platform! Sugoi~!

It’s fun to imagine new weaponry from Tactical Arms II… Not even the official MS designer ever thought about these before I believe… XD

actually turned this Tactical Arms II into something close to an anti ship
turret or a long range sniper cannon ala Dynames in Gundam 00… :D I’m naming it the Tactical Cannon… :P

Blast away~!

Blue Frame, eliminating targets!

For quite a while now I’ve been thinking that Tactical Arms II actually looks like some sort of Mobile Armour similar to the role of G-Defenser or 0-Raiser… These piccies prove my point… :D

Pretty much resembles something of a Starfighter straight from the Star Wars Saga, especially with those sleek pointy design… ^_~ 

It works even in reverse!

Three times the coolness factor with beam effects on… o_0

Of course the original Tactical Arms can be turned into a Mobile Armour as well… :D

As expected, with its sheer size and weight, the Tactical Arms II had to be attached onto the included Action Base 2 for any posing involving Blue Frame holding it, as the MS have no strength to hold it in place…

You wouldn’t want to get pound to pieces by this behemoth, would you? >:3

Tactical Arms versus Tactical Arms II… 2nd Lowe versus 2nd Revise… ^_^

I do have difficulties trying to get both of 1/100’s hands to hold onto its Tactical Arms… :( On another note, Blue Frame should have utilise the hand units introduced in those Version 2.0s like Zaku II 2.0 and Gundam 2.0 where they have an almost PG styled individual finger joints on their hand units…

The huge size of the Sword Form can actually double up as a Tactical Shield as well… :P 

Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII) will be pleased…

Blue Frame 2nd Revise in flight with Armour Schneider on both its palms… 

Sword riding, anyone?

It’s Eureka Seven all over again!

Detaching the blades from the Tactical Arms turns the pieces into Gatling Arm and Sword Arms… This new gimmick is new to 2nd Revise as 2nd Lowe doesn’t have such privileges…

Twin blades action! …

Somehow reminds me of Assassin’s Creed… Speaking of the game, the sequel is just around the corner… :D

Alternate weaponry holster mode… The transition and a legacy from Blue Frame the Third?

Armed with Gatling Arm, Blue Frame goes heavy arms… :0

Rawrrr~! Rambo raeg! Rattatatatatatata~!

Up until now Blue Frame 2nd Revise is an MS heavily emphasised on close combat, evident through its selection of weaponry via Tactical Arms II… Therefore I cooked up this idea of turning the Sword Arms into Rifle Arms… ^_~

Familiar running pose? See the Heavy Gear game trailer I’ve posted previously… :P

How can an Astray goes by without dual wielding twin rifles… XD

Mirage Frame isn’t the only one with transformation gimmick… :P Take that, Rondo Gina Sahaku! Even Blue Frame got its Feral Mode…!

Looks like a monster straight outta a certain survival horror game Dead Space… -_-

Intimidation and deadliness extreme with beam effects activated…

This is a summary of my verdict on the MG kit…


• Versatile Tactical Arms II
• Perfect Grade details
• Fixed weakness on front skirt
• Inclusion of Action Base 2
• Adjustable pelvic inner frame joints
• Clear stickers (Unlike the old ones that tends to rip off easily)
• Extendable abdomen joints
• Absurd bending at ankle joints
• Sexy bare back… 0_0


• Weight of Tactical Arms II
• Obstructive pieces at hips joints
• Loose side skirt pieces
• Loose armour piece at upper abdomen
• Should have use the newer hand units introduced in those newer Version 2.0s

They had to release an MG Red Frame, and Gold Frame Amatu as well!


4 responses

  1. Shahriman

    Great review ^_^ , just by seeing your pics makes me drool to get it but I’m on my way to become a Gunpla Pro ;-) . How long does it take to build Tactical Arms II ??

    7th November, 2009 at 14:37

  2. yunamon

    Just a couple of hours on panel lining and decaling… The pieces are few… ^_^

    7th November, 2009 at 15:34

  3. mohsin

    what are these toys? what are they called? how can i get one?

    3rd January, 2014 at 04:39

    • They are Gundam Plastic Models. Also known as Gunpla.

      3rd January, 2014 at 19:27

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