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Clearing the Gunpla for 30!

More wallet-burning celebration on Gundam’s 30th anniversary… ^^;

A total of 22 old and new MG kits are selected to be in this clear parts campaign, where each of them will come with a single clear runner to display their inner frame at certain parts… :3

While most of them look meh with the clear parts on, I can see some that looks extremely sexy with exposed skeleton… XD Too bad I already have a majority of these regular MGs or else I’ll grab some of these babies such as Hyaku Shiki and Wing Zero Custom… :D Luckily The upcoming V Gundam will have the clear runner by default, sweet~!

Preorders are already upped at various online site, including the famous Amiami which has recently open her doors to international market! ^_^ Most of her items are exclusives and are available at a fraction of their original price, but she only ships by EMS… Take your pick then! ^_~

Here’s a look at the 22 MG kits with clear parts… :o


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  1. yunamon

    Love to… Will get back to you in a few hours time… ^_^

    7th November, 2009 at 00:04

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