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Brokeback Mountain

Sorry, my fellow Fujoshi-tachi… No Yaoi treats for the pleasure of your viewing… ^^;

As the lots of you noticed by now, my H2 suffered a severe paralysis a week back, as evident from my recent posts… Since then, I’ve been searching for a way to restore her to her Terminator-chan glory, forcing various operations upon her, dissecting and mutilating parts of her in the process… :0

It’s been playing on my mind this whole while the idea to reconnect H2’s backbone together using magnets, so I procured some pieces from an old chibi magnetic chess set from my chuugakkou years, in which I’ve decided to sacrifice some Pawns and Bishops to retrieve their magnets… It doesn’t work well because the grip between the magnets is too weak to grab onto the weight of H2’s upper body…

While brainstorming, I remembered and recovered a couple of strong magnets from my LEGO set of the olden days… With wider surface and stronger grip, it looks like this is it! :3 Anyways, after many attempts, I’ve finally managed to complete her reparation… She’s back to her feet, complete with upgraded ABC (Anti Beam Coating)! ^_^

As you can see, the new magnetic backbone is strong enough even to hold onto the weakling Pawns through two layers of plastic!

Now she returns to her sweeping duty once more while on the lookout for black thingies to squash, all in the while protecting the lone outnumbered Nendo… :P

On another note, I’ve moe-fied my Windows 7 with Madome Nanami-chan~! Thanks to comrade _hikky for the link… ^_^ Now I hear Nana-chan’s kawaii voice (Pirorin~!) everytime I max/minimise (Cha-cha~n~!) my windows and various other stuffs (A~re~!?), besides the sky blue overall theme and desktop wallies slideshow… :D

In case you’re still stuck on another rock planet, Nanami-chan is voiced by veteran seiyuu Mizuki Nana herself!

Anyways, currently still stuck with 7 Beta… Will get the recently released final retail version of 7 later… :P


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