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A quad of new piccies for the upcoming 1/60 PG 00-Raiser…

I’m still not convinced tho… >,< Price at a hefty 25,000 yen, it’s too expensive for my taste, lacking the mechanical details unlike the Astray Red Frame I got earlier this year… But it looks like the GN Drives’ lights can reach the vents of the wings of 0-Raiser to create a glowing engine gimmick… ^_^

GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser

Unit type: general purpose close combat mobile suit
Overall height: 18.3 meters
Overall weight: 75.1 metric tons
Equipment: GN Drive x 2, Trans-Am system, Haro (0-Raiser)
Armament: GN sword/rifle II x 2, GN beam saber x 2, GN shield x 2, GN beam machine gun x 2, GN vulcan gun x 4, GN micro missile x 8, large GN beam saber x 1 (Trans-Am Raiser), GN sword/rifle III x 1
Pilot(s): Setsuna F. Seiei (aka Soran Ibrahim) (00 Gundam), Saji Crossroad (0-Raiser)
Mechanical designer: Kanetake Ebikawa

The GN-0000 00 Gundam is the successor unit to the GN-001 Gundam Exia. As one of Celestial Being’s 4th Generation Mobile Suits, the “00” (pronounced Double-O) possesses many of the previous generations’ standard features, including the GN Drive and Trans-Am System, but also introduces the revolutionary “Twin Drive System”, a cutting-edge GN technology originally conceived by Aeolia Schenberg himself. The system uses two GN Drives with compatible GN particle production as the basis for the system’s operation, with their productive synergy, the amount of particles the two drives can produce is squared. The utilization of synchronized GN Drives can create awesome power, but was never successfully developed until now. 00’s synchronized Twin Drive System allows 00 for high speed combat and immediate GN Field generation, as well as increased particle output. The power output is so high that it can bend GN energy at a focal direction and push back or block beam shots. Despite the combination of Exia’s and 0 Gundam’s GN Drives generating the highest synchronization rates, the system was still unable to cross the system stabilization threshold until Setsuna took a chance and activated the Trans-Am System on the 00 which risked a system overload or even the unit’s self-destruction. The 00 was finally completed at Lagrange 3 when the GNR-010 0-Raiser was combined with the 00 to form the 00 Raiser. When it utilizes its Trans-Am System, it actually surpasses its theoretical limits, with the massive GN particle output acting as a catalyst for thought-based communication. Trans Am works conjunction with 00’s Twin Drive System, allowing 00 to utilize GN energy at unstable levels. 00 Gundam’s Trans-Am system is capable of generating GN particle output to 2nd power. Due to the experimental design of the Twin Drive System, Trans Am can destabilize the synchronizing process of the GN Drives and/or overwhelm the MS frame and cause an overload, the worst case scenario being the self-destruction of the GN Drives. It was because of such mechanical concerns that Trans-Am was highly recommended not to be used until the system complications are corrected. Ultimately 00 Gundam’s technical complications couldn’t be corrected without the addition of new equipment. The solution(s) to 00 Gundam’s Trans-Am system came in the form of energy stabilizer equipment, built onto 0 Raiser.

An additional feature of 00-Raiser in Trans-Am is quantization. Quantization was coined by Ribbons Almark, a feature which allows 00 Raiser to flank its enemy targets through instant shift in location. Its properties weren’t never clearly defined and it’s often theorized as a form of short range spatial teleportation. In dire situations when an enemy target is about to fatally hit 00 Raiser, the Gundam is capable of instantly jumping away and flank it’s enemy’s position (usually several meters from behind or side). Quantization itself leaves a particle shadow of 00 Raiser, fooling the enemy of a false victorious blow. The manoeuvre often leaves the opponent confused and distracted long enough for 00 Raiser to do serious damage and/or defeating its enemy targets.

When Trans-Am is activated with the 0-Raiser equipped, GN particles would burst concentrated particles within a limited circumference of 00 Raiser. At times, a 00 (signifying 00 and infinity) can be seen when the system is activated. Through the power of synchronized GN Drive Trans-Am power, supernatural-like abilities are given to both 00 Raiser and its pilots. The surrounding battlefield encircling 00 Raiser would give the pilot(s) and its enemy targets the ability to read the thoughts and intentions of others in a limited area. This gives the pilot(s) to temporarily detect and communicate with people around each other telepathically. Multiple exposures to such high grade particles can lead to innovation.

The 00 Gundam also has a hidden on-board system, the Trans-AM BURST, which activates only when the pilot is a pure innovator and couples with the GN-Drives releases a large amount of pure GN Particles. Trans-Am Burst super accelerates particle generation and floods a large area of space with concentrated GN particles in a green rainbow-like hue. The particles it generate has a similar effect to Trans-Am Raiser. Those within the particle cloud will have temporary telepathic communication at an extended period of time, relative to particle density in space. The system expands human consciousness (Setsuna’s will) through purified GN particles that has the ability to disrupt quantum brainwaves of Innovades, repel nearby mobile suits, and distract enemy combatants as one large bursting energy wave. As a health benefit people afflicted with GN particle poisoning will be relieved of their symptoms and/or healed as a result of it. Also, according to the SD 00 Raiser model kit, the 00 Raiser could transform into 2 alternate modes. The first was Bird Mode, which was most likely homage to the Wing Gundam and its Bird Mode. The middle section of the 0-Raiser faced in the opposite direction on the 00’s back, the wings attached to the 00 Gundam’s back in the opposite direction of the 0-Raiser, and the GN Shield II were back on the 00’s GN Drives. The second form was Fighter mode, where the wings of the 0-Raiser attached to the underarms of the 00, allowing it to use the wings for firing beams and possibly melee Combat. Neither of these modes were used in the series. 00 Gundam is capable of generating its own GN Field, created directly from the twin GN drives. The shoulder mounted GN Drives can make a 180 degree face-forward-turn that can create a barrier-like wall of GN particles. The field wall is generated by the swirling GN particles directly from the GN Drives. 00 can generate a traditional full sphere particle GN Field, depending on the combat situation.

The 00’s weapons consist of seven different bladed weapons – an implied extension of the Exia’s Seven Sword System. The weapons consist of two GN-Sword IIs, two GN Beam Sabers, two attachable GN Shields that can function as katar-like weapon, and later a GN Sword III, an upgraded version of the GN Sword of Gundam Exia. It has 3 modes: A standard mode where the sword is simply folded up, Rifle mode, in which the sword is folded and a rifle extends from the front, and Sword mode, which has the sword fully extended and with another rifle mounted above the blade. The edge of the sword is made from the same material that was derived from the material inside the GN Condensers that was first used in the GN-0000/7S 00 Gundam Seven Swords’ GN Katars. However, the design has since been perfected, and as a result the cutting edge is so hot and sharp that even getting within several feet of the blade will cause a Mobile Suit’s armour to start melting.

During the fight for Veda, the 00 Gundam was heavily damaged by the Ribbons Gundam. One of its GN Drives was stolen by Ribbons Almark who later installed it into the 0 Gundam that was floating in space. The other GN Drive was taken by Setsuna, who installed it into the Gundam Exia R2 just in time to continue the final battle against Ribbons Almark.


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